Sunday, December 5, 2010

PPVA's Next Adoptable... Midnight - And Some Catching Up With the Girls of the Casa

You may remember, from a few days ago, that Space Paws is going to help the kind folks at Perry Point Veteran's Administration promote the kittehs they've been rescuing. They've watched a feral colony form at the hospital and have worked hard on TNR... and on finding homes for the more adoptable kittehs! Just like Space Paws folks, they're doing this on their own time, and at their own expense.

So, let me introduce a handsome bloke by the name of Midnight...
Says foster mom, Cathy:
This is Midnight. Midnight is a rescue from the Baltimore area where quite a few veterans were feeding and loving him. He wasn’t allowed to stay where he hanging out, and Animal Rescue picked him up-even after he was neutered and given his shots- and we had to pay to get him back. We decided to take him home, because we had nowhere else to take him. He loves people and has been well socialized. He doesn't do so well with other kitties, because he seems to be a bit territorial, but he is playful and loving to people. He is almost solid black with big, beautiful eyes. Midnight needs someone who can love him, brush him and keep him all to themselves.
So, folks (especially in MD)... spread the word, OK??

Meanwhile, back at the Casa~

With the hiatus in blogging while Winnie was ill, you haven't seen much of the girls. The Casa only has Sophie as a foster right now. You might remember that Valerie was heartbroken that Soph was so nervous around young Isaiah and we decided it was best if Sophie came back to us. Do you think she's fitting in??

Sophie and Peggy Sue snuggling

Sophie and Peggy Sue telling me and the flashy box to get lost.

The girls are on the new love seat. Yes, I'll give you all a grand tour of the renovated first floor... it was finished while Win was so sick... just as soon as a few spare minutes and a sunny day for filming coincide... LOL!

And, yes, that is a white couch. I like the white - it's light and bright and makes the small Casa look bigger. Why would someone with so many cats risk white? Slip covers, my friends, slip covers!! Gloriously machine washable slip covers! After lots and lots of looking, that became the primary criteria for the new furniture. I toyed with some pieces I liked better but, in the end, decided on kitteh friendly.

And here's a shot of Bitty and Sophie on the "company" slip covers. I'll be keeping these in reserve for company occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas so I'll always have a good set to put on. If the others become pulled or stained beyond my ability to lauder them, I'm not going to worry about it. Actually I have 2 sets of "everyday" covers because, while washable, they need to be line dried - this has already come in handy because Win did soil them during her illness. Once I get a few more green papers together I may just get another set of the striped covers for regular use... I like 'em! Or maybe red!

Hmmm... pictures reveal what I missed in real life... looks like I should have steamed them a bit more, but I don't think anyone noticed.

I went with IKEA, after long debate, because they were (1) relatively inexpensive, a real plus after the renovation, (2) I liked them well enough... actually more in my house than in the store... (3) they sat "upright" enough for me, since I'm one of those rare folks who does not like to sink into furniture, and (4) they had a good selection of washable slip covers, in case I get bored with the white.

So there's a little catchin' up for you. More later on the Casa Crew and, tomorrow, another PPVA foster!


  1. Midnight is adorable! I love black kitties :) Hope he finds a wonderful forever home soon!

    As for the girls adorable is that? So glad to see Sophie and Peggy Sue cuddling together so happily...nothing in the world better than cuddling kitties :)

    Love the white couch (brave woman, even with slipcovers)and can't wait to see photos/videos of the newly remodeled Casa :)

    Hugs & Purrs from all of us!

  2. I have such a sweet spot for black cats. I owned one named Vince when I was a teenager. And here comes the embarrassing confessional portion of our post ... Vince was named after the lead singer of Motley Crue.

    So you just beat that!

  3. Those 2 are so precious cuddled up together.

  4. Loving the cuddle photos and you are so brave with the white furniture!!!

    My aunt's cat was all black and named "Fang" by my uncle. This boy certainly reminds me of Fang. Will send out good thoughts to him!

  5. You have been so busy my friend! I like your furniture slip covers ~ that is a good idea! I just tell my company, "if you mind getting fur on your clothes, don't sit down..." haha!

    I went to the SPCA yesterday and dropped off some stuff and was able to spend some time with all the kitties there. I have been working on a stray kitty in hopes of catching him/her. I was petting it last night so I am 'this' close to catching it. It is just too cold and snowy here for sweet little kitties! :(

    Hope you are having a beautiful December!
    xo Catherine

  6. We just thort we'd let yoo know we have added Winnie to our "until we meet again" column on our blog.

    The cuddle photos are heart-warming. And we are purring for Midnoght to find a loving forever home soon.

  7. Sophie looks very cozy with Peggy Sue. We are sending big purrs for midnight to find a fabulous home.

  8. Lots of purrs to Midnight, that he finds the purrfect forever home.

    Are you sure Sophie isn't in her own forever home? Seriously.

    The slipcovers look great. That's the route I want to go if ever I can replace my old hide-a-bed with its odd arms that don't take slipcovers!

  9. We're crossing our paws for you sweet Midnight! Wow, Sophie and Peggy Sue look seriously comfy!

  10. Can't wait to see the rest of the renovations! And cat-friendly furniture is definitely ALWAYS the way to go.

  11. Ooh, I like the slipcovers. We've been contemplating getting a steamer for some of our bigger items that get wrinkly (duvets, etc.). Would you recommend the one you have?

    I think I need to make a slipcover for Meow Meow's bed -- the chenille tufts are coming off all over the place because she kneads so vigorously :).

  12. "Why would someone with so many cats risk white?"


    Ahh, but for some of us, it's the color of choice, fur-hiding wise. ;)

    My couch is cream colored and even my carpets are cream colored...The better to hide white Kayla fur and light orange Zimmer fur. LOL.

  13. I hope Midnight finds a good home soon! As someone with gothic tendencies, I never did understand why black kitties are less adoptable. They're so handsome!

    I love your new furniture! Your slipcovers look great, and I think white is a great color if you have pets since you don't have to worry about it fading if you have to do some aggressive stain treatment.



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