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Space Paws Proudly Presents...
our current adoptees.  Click on a picture below to see their posts.  If you'd like more info on any one of these fabulous furry friends, please contact us!  We'll be more than glad to fill you in!!   

Mr. Justice Bevson

Justice is a 12 year old neuter who had a chronic, undiagnosed urinary tract infection.  Being in pain constantly had him cranky and his owners scheduled him for euthanasia without ever checking for physical cause for his change in behavior.  Bev rescued him and Sonia is fostering him.  He's a gorgeous Tuxie.  

Mr. Jordy Caroleson

Mr. Opie Simon James Karenson

Co-worker Karen found Opie (formerly Tang) on her property. Poor guy was pretty beaten up and nothing but skin and bones. She and her daughter, Alexa watched over his wounds and helped him put a little weight on. Sadly, she can't keep him - she's already got 5 cats and a slew of dogs. So we went off to Doc Andrew, got him his tests (FeLV and FIV both negative! Yay!) and his shots and his neuter.  H
e's a super lover boy, very tolerant and not aggressive with other critters - but he likes to play... a lot!! 

The Little Black Cat and her family - Mama Lucy, Oliver, Miska, Gia and Lessa

Mama Lucy is feral, but her kittens are clearly people cats.  Born 3/27, the kittens have tested FeLV and FIV negative and are ready for new homes.

Mr. Buddy Rosieson
Our poor Buddy is quite beaten up.  It will be a while before he's healed and then we will try to find the perfect family for him.  Buddy is quite the lover and looks like he'll make an excellent companion one day.  He is FIV positive and both Lisa from Space Paws and Space Paws readers can offer lots of pointers for encorporating an FIV pos cat into your loving home.


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