Kitten TV

Off the air now that the kittens are moving at light speed... we'll hook up again with the next litter.


Since mama is so shy, my wonderful niece-in-love, Liz, encouraged nephew Mark to come to the Casa and play with electronics whist she kept the home fires burning. And what did he do for us? Why he rigged up a wireless, high def, night vision, IP security camera to get pics of the babies, in the dark, under the bed!

We're going to be trying for streaming video in a few weeks (by mid May, hopefully). It's just too busy right now for me to work on it and I don't want to impose too much on the neph's good will. 

We can peek in during the day even now, but the current set up only allows 10 people watch at once... and we've still got a few technical difficulties.

I guarantee nothing but, if you'd like to try before it is ready for prime time:
  • Go to
  • You'll get an authentication window - just hit cancel. 
  • Then you'll get a black screen. If you're lucky, it will change over to the feed fairly quickly. Or not. 
  • Once you get a feed, it may go in and out. 
Very frustrating. (But isn't that always the way with new tech - then, once you finally get the hang of it, and figure out the idiot thing you were doing wrong, it seems so simple.) Seems the intermittent "black" was not mama against the lens, as we first thought it might be!  We'll let you know when it is up - I'm looking at getting a server for it and we'll try UStream, I think.... but that's May!


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