Our Graduates

Space Paws is fairly new, but we do have a number of graduates!

Mr. Poco Kathysson

Cuddly Poco came to Kathy in the winter and she and her neighbor vetted and cared for them for months.  Unfortunately due to family responsibilities Kathy is out of town quite a bit now and Poco is being sheltered at the SPCA.  He loves people and is curious about other pets and not overly shy nor overly aggressive. Very well-adjusted! And now he has a special forever home!

Mr. Teddy AnnaMaeson

Teddy is Poco's brother and was taken in by Kathy's neighbor AnnaMae.  He, too, has found a wonderful home.

Mr. Skippy Caroleson

This was Skippy's poster... and a special someone did meet him and decide they should be together for always!

Miss Sophie Carolson
What can we say about Sophie?  She was semi feral when she came to us, turned into the love bug of the century, and found a marvelously loving home... but... yes there's a but... the baby biped in her new family was much too active for her and so she came back to the Casa.  Now the Casa had lost two permanent residents, the beloved Tisha and, a year an a half later Winnie.  When Sophie once again blended so seamlessly with the remaining permanent residents, we decided she should stay on as a member of the General Population!!   
Whiskey Joysdottir and Tango Jamesson

This brother/sister pair were "honorary" Space Paws alumni.  From the time Joy and Jim first saw these little ferals, they wanted them to become part of the Rancho J2 General Population.  We followed their adventure and Joy and Jim socialized them into the loving cats they are today. 

Spanky Annson
Spanky, we hardly knew ye!  Foster mom, Ann, advertised Spanky through the university connections she had, and such, and found this handsome boy a loving home in Severn, MD.  Spanky had been TNRed (check out his jaunty ear clip) but was so loving and personable, Ann just knew she could find him somebody to love... she was right!
Mr. K2 Amyson
K2 presents a cautionary tale in fostering.  Foster Mom, Amy, fell in love with this sweet ginger boy and, after several months of hemming and hawing, said, "I'm keeping him!"  Hey, if this is as bad a cautionary tale we can come up with, fostering is pretty fine in our book!

Miss Trudy and Mr. Lawrie Klassen
This brother and sister were adopted by a responsible young man, Ricky, who is destined to become the next cat whisperer!

Miss Peggy Sue Maples
Pretty, pretty Peggy Sue came to Space Paws, had four babies, and raised them until they found their forever homes.  We thought we had found a new home for Peggy Sue, too... but after a few weeks, her new mom said she was so sad... we decided she should come back and, as soon as we opened the carrier, Peggy Sue arched up into our hand, purred like there was no tomorrow, and gave us belly.  There was no doubt.  She belongs here and is now a permanent resident.  
Mr. Squinky Annson

2 year old Squinky was adopted by a cultural anthropologist!  Really!  We suspect he has already begun to assimilate information on cults of the cat!  His foster mom, Ann, even made a Squinky emblem to celebrate his pass through Space Paws.

Miss Lilo Walker-Waltz
Miss Lilo's first mom had to go to assisted living and she missed her very much.  She came to stay a Space Paws and, pretty soon, along came Sandy.  Lilo is Sandy's first furkid and we suspect she's about to be treated to a life of luxury... which our little diva so richly deserves, of course!

Mr. Gus Mitchellson

Patrick and his mom, Mimi, adopted our little Gus!  Mitch had found sweet Gus, who turned out to have a fractured femur.  Thanks to the folks at the 'tute and our blog friends, we were able to get him fixed up and in a new furever home!

Space Paws would like to thank everyone who has shown how much they care about Gus. We are truly overwhelmed!  Thank you Franca, Jill & Peter, Kelly, Sonia, Monica, Jantje, Hannah, Poppy Jimmy Lee, Melissa, Joy, Jess, Jamie, Peg, Patrick, Denise, Mike, Rob, Jim, Cheryl, Margie, Maria, Karen P, Karen D, Karen R, Pam, Ann, Bonnie, Julie, Vickie, Kathy, Tracy, Amy, Denise, Ran, “Wide Perch” Judy, Mitch, Pat, Patrick, Mimi, Carolyn, Tracie. Caroline, Aunty Pol, Hyacinth, Tori, Marlene, Sue, Mari, Amy and Ted & Tamara!! You are all purrfectly wonderful!! Thank you again!

Miss Agnes Duchamp
Miss Aggie (now Kayla) has become the pampered furkid of new mom, Ali!  Aggie's adoption is an interstate and international intertubes success story.  Folks in the UK, Washington State and Alabama all played a part in hooking up a DC mom with Space Paws!

Mr Percy Maples
Percy (now Zimmer) joined Aggie (Kayla) and Ali in DC on 1/23/10, a week after Ali adopted Kayla!  It's so nice knowing our buff boy will be playing with an old friend for life!

Mr. Fred Maples

Fred (now Jasper!) was adopted by Doc Phyllis.  He's got a lovely big sister, Kona, now and he's living in our nation's capital!

Ginny and George Maples
George and Ginny (now Miles and Ace) met Jill and Peter and became one happy family in August 2009!

Miss Abigail Angel and her six babies

Abigail gave birth to six precious angels on July 22, 2009.  Abby and her babies have found homes.  We had three sets of multiple adoptions from this little family!!  Miss Abby & Bunny & Big Girl, Cheeks (Raven) & Baby (Noel), Boy & Fluff.

Miss Bitty and her brood of seven
Bitty's Brood was a Space Paws foster family two years ago... before the blog was born.  Bitty and all seven of her offspring found homes... five were with 'tute folk, and Bitty became a permanent resident at Space Paws!

Miss Havana Marisdottir

Well, maybe not technically "our" graduate.  Chez Mari's vet was actually the one who found this thuglette diva her furever home, where she could reign as she was born to... alone!

Before the blog began
The folks at STScI placed many, many critters they'd found.  Our blog was started to provide a convenient place for potential adopters to come check out our furry fosters! 

While Space Paws wasn't directly responsible for their adoption, we were honored to be part of the effort to find these guys homes:

Ashton & Colston
These handsome boys were the beloved fur babies of one of our own staff.  They found a home, together, from a lead from Ashton's breeder.  And nearby, so Mom Melissa can visit!  :-)  Her biped baby is severely alergic to pet dander and it broke her heart to give them up.  But we know they'll do well with their "second" furever family!

Leopoldo G.
The silly little bunneh who ate his GRE exam and missed going to grad school with his owner has found a new furever home... YAY!!   His new parents didn't find him through Space Paws, but we were glad to help in the search.

And our fosters, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

Mr. Grey Sharonson

Wonderful Grey was Space Paws gentle giant.  He came to us FIV positive and was such a character, giving and getting love.  He was taken from us all too soon.  Run free at the Bridge, big guy!!  Until we meet again!

#1 Son

Miss Aggie had three kittens, two of whom died at birth.  Only #1 Son, as we dubbed him, survived.  We believe Aggie's litter was premature and she, herself, was little more than a kitten when they were born.

#1 Son gave life a valiant try but, at about 4 weeks old, slipped away quietly in his sleep.  We'll be seeing you, sweetheart, when we come to the bridge one day!  Til then, keep our departed fur friends company, OK?


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