Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More on Murph & Meet the Folks of the Perry Point VA

Most of our readers will remember Murph, the kitteh whose mom was in the last stages of life and needed to find a new home. Murph, too was in the last stages of life and so many wonderful folks stepped forward to offer to make his last days warm and safe and comfy. Pati and her family drove down from NJ, brought him home, cleaned him up with a lion cut and made him one of their own.
And you may remember that we had a scare with his health early on but Murph pulled through due to Pati's immediate attention. Well now, months later, it's clear Murph's life is probably nearing it's end. Pati sent us this note and I'm glad to see she's keeping a good perspective - focusing on the what her family has been able to do for this sweet old man.
Just wanted to send you a couple recent pictures of Murph. He's still hanging in here with us, but we're not quite sure for how much longer. He can't see us anymore (and his hip pain has gotten worse even on the joint stuff). He's still eating and purring, but doesn't want us to pick him up at all - he meow/growls at us.

So I just wanted to let you know what's going on. I think we've made him pretty happy during his stay with us and he is a little fatter! LOL!!!

Thank you, Pati... and your family... for all the love you've given, and are still giving! We'll be keeping you all, and Murph, in our thoughts and purrayers!

Introducing The Perry Point Veterans Administration Colony Rescues

I got a call from a gal named Jenn, wondering if Space Paws would be able to help a group of ladies and gents she was working with at the Perry Point VA. It seems a colony of feral cats had developed around the hospital, and they'd been working to TNR the colony. As they worked with the cats, some looked adoptable and various members of their group were fostering and looking for homes. Well, we've got a blog and a Petfinder account, so I said, sure, we'd be glad to help promote their adoptees. What they are doing is so similar to us... just a group of everyday folks, doing this on their off hours, at their own expense... trying to make their corner of the universe a little bit better.

Yesterday I spoke to Cathy, who currently has 14 kittehs in her home (shades of the Casa this past summer, eh?), and is trying to home a number of darlings that seem adoptable. Cathy is personable, and funny, and working very hard to socialize her fosters and get them ready for furever families. So, without further ado, let me introduce the first of her fosterkids:

This is Smokey, a rescue from Perry Point in Cecil County. He was hanging around one of the veteran’s buildings and the patients loved him. But I had to get him a home because he was so nice, not aggressive and liked to play. He may have been someone’s cat who was dumped on the grounds. He is about 3 years old, solid gray, very sweet and cuddly. He LOVES to eat. Smokey likes other cats and has been living with 12 buddies; and all get along except one (another male). He's a great cat and will flop his head on your shoulder when you pick him up.
All of the PPVA fosters have had all their shots and have been spayed or neutered. So, especially our readers in MD, if you'd like to help spread the word about these wonderful kittehs, feel free to repost, tweet, email or just plain download their blurbs and make posters for your place of work or community bulletin board. You can use the Space Paws contact info and I'll get the word to Cathy!

I think this is one of the things I've loved the most about our little cyber community... being constantly reminded that there are wonderful, kind hearted folks all over this great big world of ours!


  1. I am sending tons of purrs and love to Murph. Such a wonderful family to take such good care of him. I also wish the others the best forever homes ever!

  2. Sweet Murph, we are purraying very loudly for you. We are so thankful Pati and her family have given you such a loving home.

    We are also purraying for all homeless kitties. All kitties deserve loving forever homes.

    Bless you for what you do to help the homeless. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm so glad that sweet Murph has such a wonderful home where he's loved and taken care of...and we are sending our best purrs and prayers for all the other kitties and woofies in this world who need forever homes!

    Oh, and an extra special hug and lots of special purrs for you...hope happy memories of sweet Winnie are bringing smiles these days to your heart...and I did hear some thunder this morning but I think it was Winnie and Poppy sending their special purrs from the clouds!

  4. Murph hit the jackpot when he was adopted at his age. So glad he has been having quality time.

    What a lot of kitties you help.

  5. We are feeling so happy that Murph is in such great and gentle hands.
    Miles and I are purring for him and his beautiful family that are loving him!

    All of you are the sweetest of angels!

  6. Murph and Patti's story is one of the sweetest I've heard.

    What a blessing for them both.

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