Saturday, October 3, 2009

He leaves Fred and arrives Jasper... Yep, it's adoption day!!

Around 9:30 this morning Fred and I packed up and headed to Washington, DC! Our little Fred was about to become Jasper! Yep, new mom Phyllis decided on Jasper as a new name for a new adventure! Jasper is a cool place, a handsome reddish quartz and just felt right as a name!

Doc Phyllis was all ready for us. She'd gotten Jasper a new snuggy bed, scratching post and his very own litter pan! Her sister, Joanna, traveled all the way from Harrisburg so she could be there for the big event!! Wow, what a welcome! Jasper got comfy very quickly and Phyllis will be introducing him to his new sister, Kona, gradually over the next week. Would you like to meet Kona?

The beauteous Kona carefully surveying the foreign carrier.

Soon after we arrived... oh, wait a minute! Let me let Jasper do the honors...

Oh, boy! Where are we going? Do we get treats? Hey, where's Percy??

Are we there yet?

Oh, I remember this place. That lady was nice! She played with me a lot the last time, too!

Oh, and she has cool toys!! I like toys!

Do I nom feather or toes?

You're going to be my new mom? Hmmmm... lap feels OK!

Yep, definitely passes the lap test!

Whoa! There was nothing like this in the old place! What's behind the screen?

An official portrait commemorating the big event? OK!

Pleased to meet you Aunty Joanna!

She likes me, too!!! Hello! Check out that wrist! Paw prints! She's kitteh people!

Yep, it's gonna be OK... these ladies are keepers... I'm likin' my new family!

And new mom Phyllis wasted no time! Before this post was ready to go, we got a video update. I think it's quite obvious Jasper is a happy camper, doing what he does best... purrrringggg!
Thanks, Phyllis! Send us updates anytime!!!!


  1. Kona, you are a dear for letting Jasper into your home :D

    I just about died with the rolling over belly shot in the video. Love it! So happy to see Jasper looking so well and being so comfortable.

  2. Immortalized baby talk to the kitten, ah well ;) I'm sure I'm not the only one...

  3. I was feeling the heartpain knowing Fred (Jasper ;-) was leaving for his new home. After reading and seeing his new Mom, Aunt and Kona, the old ticker felt happy again. Jasper is one lucky boy! Thank you Phyllis and Aunt Johanna for being there to welcome him into your home! Kona is so beautiful! Loved the video too. Phyllis, you are right, you are not the only one ;-)!


    p.s. love the pawprints!

  4. Oh, Phyllis, I laughed sooooo hard when I read your comment. It's exactly what I said about myself as I was filming the early videos for this blog!! And, I almost made reference your immortalization in the narrative to yesterday's post.

    Rest easy! Space Paw's gentle readers have assured me we wouldn't be human if we didn't lapse into this form of communication with our critters! :-)

    So, Phyllis, we officially welcome you to the noble fellowship of otherwise intelligent people, reduced to babbling baby talk on camera, when smitten by unspeakable cuteness!

  5. Sounds like Jasper has found his perfect home. i love how he was 'making biscuits' in the video - even before the baby talk began!
    Phyllis, please keep us updated on the adventures of Jasper and Kona! It may take a bit, but I bet they become the best of buddies!

  6. Congratulations to our sweet little Jasper for finding such a wonderful forever-home, a lovely new mommy, a gorgeous sister, and a doting aunt :-) Life just can't get better than this! So happy for everyone involved, and Phyllis, don't worry, we ALL sound exactly the same when we talk to our kitties...even my macho husband turns into a babbling baby-talking goofball when it comes to kitties :-)

    Hugs to all, and an extra special one for Lisa, our most fabulous crazy cat lady ;-)

  7. An audible "awww" from Tacoma when he rolled over for belly rubs. The sign of a beautifully socialized little guy.

    Congratulations to all! And Kona, you are a stunner. Be sure and keep that little guy in his place.

  8. Wow, doesn't that boy have a loud purr? Obviously he is well settled already. :-)

    BTW, I had to check it, but the young man is indeed the colour of yellow jasper stone, great name!

    Did I remember to mention that all updates are always highly appreciated? This one was lovely!

  9. We are so happy Fred/Jasper has a new home. ~S,S,C & F

  10. Omigosh that belly was just too cute, he's really a happy boy. I just have to laugh every time I read his posts because I used to work with a guy named Fred Maples. He looked nothing like this kitty by the way.

  11. Oh Lisa...that Fred/Jasper is so precious, and as Janis Joplin says, he would've taken a little (big) piece of my heart when he left. (Love that song and your previous post's title, btw!)

    But, congratulations to new momma Doc Phyllis, and thanks to Kona for agreeing to share her mom and her home with this handsome young man! (Psst...any word on Ashton and Colston, speaking of heartbreakers?)

  12. Doc Phyllis has some mad bellyrubbin' skillz!

  13. I am so glad he is happy in his new home. It so funny how big he has gotten - I can't belive it. Have a wonderful life Jasper!

  14. Oh, heavens--I'm finally getting a chance to catch up around here, and that video has killed me deader than dead. Jasper is obviously QUITE happy with his new home and his new mama (and that makes me pretty happy too). Yay for a successful adoption!



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