Saturday, October 3, 2009

Take a little piece o' my heart now baby

I won't deny it. I shed me a couple a tears last night when it sank in that this was the last evening I'd spend with Fred. Oh, I'm happy... new mom Phyllis is terrific! But I will miss Fred and a little piece of my heart will go with him to his new home.

After the play session Fred sacked out on the cat tree (which also serves as a toy storage spot!).

Just as if on cue, Fred shifted positions to give me a shot of him in his most frequent snoozing state... second tier, head on the ledge! Don't think I'll ever look at that cat tree without seeing him in just this pose.

Fred and I had a lovely, long last snuggle this morning before we packed up to go meet his new mom. Doc Phyllis likes snuggles as much as I do, so I know my darlin' Fred won't suffer any deprivations! :-)


  1. Dear wee Fred! Watching your kittens grow and develop and then having them go off to their new family is so heart warming. What a truly wonderful thing you do. I know each one of the kitties takes a piece of your heart with them! Good-bye sweet Fred! Check in once in-awhile!

  2. Good-bye darling Fred! It was wonderful to see you start out in your life. I know your new forever home will be perfect for you.

  3. Oh my gosh. I didn't thing I would but I did...after reading that and looking at that dear little first portrait of Fred I had to shed tears myself. I do NOT know how I will get through the adoptions of the Angels. And everytime I think of Percy, I do the same. They are so beautiful and so well taken care of by you, Lisa that it makes it hard to see them go but we KNOW it is for the best in our hearts. HUGS.

  4. Oh, my.(Sigh) My childhood kitty was an orange tabby. One of my sweetest kitties as a grown-up was an orange tabby who died while I was traveling overseas. Needless to say, I have a soft spot for orange, pj-wearing little guys. It's very hard to say goodbye, but you've done a wonderful thing for your boy and will be able to receive updates as he goes about his wonderful new life.

  5. Oh Fred we will miss you! We know you are going to a good home but we will still miss your sweet little face!

  6. (Okay, I got tired of Blogger telling me my OpenID credientials could not be verified, so I've switched over to a Name/URL profile instead. Gah.)

    Anyway--Fred was really giving that little pink ball what-for, wasn't he? LOL (And you know, your house looks like a really wonderful place. Anywhere with that many very obviously happy and contented kitties all in one room seems like it would be an island of peace in this crazy old world.)

    Like everyone else, I'm a little sorry to see Fred go--the whole Maples family was very near and dear to my heart, of course, but I confess that he was one of my favorites. (He has such a sweet face, and I do love his white tummy and socks!) But I'm also glad that he's found what sounds like a great forever home, and that his new mom will be keeping us updated.



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