Monday, October 5, 2009

Updates, we have lots and lots of updates! Jasper, Gus and Colston & Ashton!

Updates are pouring in gang! Ashton and Colston, Gus and, of course, our little Jasper!

So sit back, relax and catch up on the alumni and, hopefully, soon-to-be alumni! (Oops, did I spill the beans??? OK, then, I'll make it up to you... there's a surprise at the end of the post!)

Colston and Ashton
Melissa brought us outstanding news today... she and her hubby had a successful meet'n'greet with a couple from Catonsville yesterday evening! These nice folks have a big old Victorian (with four, count them, four floors!) and plenty of room for their five kittehs plus these two wonderful boys. They were looking for an adult cat as one of their babes passed away not too long ago.

The adopting couple has lots of experience with introducing new members to their household and of meeting the challenges (and soaking in the pleasures!) of having older kittehs in their family.

Being responsible adopters, everyone is taking a step back to let the meet'n'greet sink in. Assuming everyone is still feeling good mid-week, they'll be meeting up again for an adoption! Melissa sends her thanks to everyone for the leads and links in our adventure to find the boys a wonderful home. This particular lead was from the breeder from whom they got Ashton, so Space Paws is sending a big, "Thank You" up to Pennsylvania to add to the one from Melissa's family!! Everybody, keep your fingers crossed.

We got mail! Yesterday Patrick left an update in the "Gus in his new home" post:

"Hey everyone it's Patrick. I just wanted to say thank you to Miss Lisa and my mom for letting me have such a wonderful kitty! I feel it's a great pleasure to have Gus. I think he's a keeper! Also I wanted to thank all the wonderful commenters. What you say truly touches my heart. Please don't worry! I will keep you all informed! I love taking pictures of Gus! Until I have a video camera I can't take [moving] pictures of him. I asked for one for my birthday. I will keep you informed."

And today Patrick's friend, Brian, wrote to us, too, saying, "Hi! My name is Brian and I am Patrick's friend. I want to thank you for giving him Gus. He seems to be enjoying his company very much and is having a lot of fun with him. I'm glad that many people pitched in to help Gus and I hope you get more videos of him on your website. Thank you, Brian"

What terrific young men our little Gus has as friends, eh??!

And our little Jasper
(Fred to those of you who may have missed a post or two!)

The updates started to come in right away from Doc Phyllis! Yesterday I posted the video she sent of Jasper settling in, and now, here's her narrative!

10/3, 7:27 pm
He's doing great :)

Kona has largely been ignoring Jasper's "room" and only a few minutes ago stared at the bathroom with a look on her face like "WHAT is in THERE?". Somehow I thought the meowing would have given it away. She's been behaving just like her normal self, chasing me around and sleeping in windows.

So I did a little shopping with my sister on her way out of town, and when I got back I went to sit with Jasper for a little while. You should have seen me IN the bathtub, reading my book, while he napped on me for a few minutes at a time. Did I mention it'll be nice when the quarantine is over? ;) No more meowing, he's been sleeping in his bed, and ate all the food I left in his bowl, about 1/4 cup. I gave him some more, and he tucked in.

Just wanted to let you know that we're all doing well :)

10/4, 8:05pm
Opened the door an inch and there's been more growling and hissing and then Kona goes about her business. But she keeps coming back to the door to check on him ;) Perhaps a thaw?
Loved the post, Joanna did too!
A few pics from today...

[And is this foot in the face shot too much, or what??? L]

10/5, 2:14 pm
I think I'm going to try to introduce them tonight (I propped the door open an inch, and there was hissing and some growling but no violence, and Jasper was the portrait of innocence). I'd really like my bathroom back, and I feel for the little guy...

10/5, 6:33 pm, Subject: Unleashed the Beast!
So after yesterday's one inch encounter went ok, I came home from work and let Jasper out into general population. He's very zen, Kona is a combination of fascinated, horrified, scared and confused. If he gets too close she'll growl a bit, if he surprises her she'll hiss a bit, but mostly he wanders around exploring and trying every now and then to get close to her, and she follows him around, watching him like he's the season finale of Dancing with the Stars (that's the fascination and horror together).

No violence, thank heavens. He's drunk her water, played with her toys and used her litter box. Mostly she stares at him as if she can't believe her eyes.

My internet seems to be on vacation (it does this now and then) so I'm typing on my Blackberry. But I had to share. Who knows what the rest of the evening will hold!

I'm trying to be very supportive of Kona, and trying to keep Jasper at a bit of a distance. But we're moving forward!!!

10/5, 7:28 pm
The fascination continues - a hiss from Jasper too, they've almost touched, Kona's growling...but they're sitting quietly here - I think Jasper's purring.

Doc Phyllis, thanks sooo much for the frequent (and fun!) updates! We're all looking forward to the next report!

And here's the surprise!
Someone wants to meet us!! Get ready - more tomorrow!!
[Postscript: To all our blogging friends... it's our busy season at work - year end close - and time is sooo short right now. I can't wait to catch up with you all... please don't think I've forgotten you... I miss you all! Hugs, Lisa]


  1. It's good to see everyone is doing so well in their new homes! I can hardly wait to meet the kitty that is waiting on the outside of that glass window (door?), leaves scattered on a deck(?), looking to get in. He/She looks cute!

  2. Too much information for my coffee deprived brain to absorb at this early hour (6 am eastern). I'm left with a fuzzy impression that I'll need to read this 3 or 4 times to fully appreciate all the wonderful news...paws crossed and crossed for Colston & Ashton, I'm awed by the maturity of Patrick (oh, the future ahead of you is very bright), Jasper's adventures becoming one of his new family, and that mystery face in the window....too much to grasp....heading for the coffee pot all smiles.

  3. Wow!! Yippee for Colston and Ashton!

    And thanks for passing on Patrick and friend's updates. If I could be guaranteed a kid like Patrick, I would rethink my decision about not having children. Like Anonymous said...he is a terrific young man with a fantastic future ahead.

    Now, on to Jasper and Kona and Doc Phyllis - thanks for the wonderful dispatches from the United Nations of Kitties! I think Kona and Jasper will do fine. When I introduced my kitten Freddie to his big sister, Caroline, there was some initial hissing and circling. Caroline chased Freddie around the kitchen and that was it. Freddie is very laidback and was happy to let Caroline be the boss kitty...and 6 1/2 years later, she still rules the roost :-)

    Cats have a way of working these things out amongst themselves; we humans just have to keep a watchful eye to make sure things don't get out of hand (paw). Good luck and keep the updates coming! Lisa, I can just imagine how crazy this time of year is, so good luck with that!

  4. We are so glad to hear all the awesome news!

    Sending positive wishes to Colston and Ashton that they have indeed found their furever home.

    Gus still reminds me so much of Ziggy, and his simple desire just to love and be loved. I know Patrick and Gus will always be friends. Continued good wishes there too.

    And we are on pins and needles about the newest arrival at your door! "Uh, um...excuse me? I heard you help kitties. Um, I think I need help."

  5. Wow, so much good news!
    I have a bunch of photos from Saturday at Petsmart that have not made it out of the camera yet because we have been dealing with a different kind of animal - head lice! - for 4 days. But that seems to be over now so maybe I can get out those photos.
    Kona sounds like she is coming around quickly, and Jasper will probably want to defer to her as much as necessary - that is what happened when I brought kittens into my house of adult cats.

  6. Thanx for the total update! We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for Colton and Ashton! We have a B~I~G feeling that they will blend furry nicely with that family! And Gus?!? His new bean is truly an extraordinary young man. His friend too!!! We look forward to LOTS more updates about our furriend, Gus! And he picture of Jasper's foot in face?!? HISSTERICAL!!! And, WHO'S THAT cutie looking in your window??? OMC!!! What a sweet face that is! Can't wait for the story tomorrow!!!

  7. Hooray for all the good news! So happy to hear about Colston and Ashton. And yes, I must agree with everyone that Patrick (and his friend Brian) are two wonderful young men with bright futures ahead of them.

    Jasper's foot is so adorable! Who could not love a foot in the face? And dear Kona, this little guy will be good company for you, I just know it.

  8. Wow these are all such great, happy updates! We all understand that work can get crazy at year end - lucky for me ours is in March. We are keepign our fingers (and paws from the cats) crossed that all goes well for Colston and Ashton!

    Now about the cutie in the window - we can't wait to hear!!

  9. Shouldn't the title of this post have been: Updates, We Haz Them? ;-)

    Seriously, though. I am SO glad to hear that Colston and Ashton may (hopehopehope ::fingerscrossed::) have found a new forever family... I've been thinking about them every day and wondering if anyone had expressed an interest. (NFC's are one of my favorite breeds, and those two are some gorgeous, gorgeous kitties!) And a big double YAY! for Gus and Jasper--how wonderful to hear that everyone is getting along just fine in their new homes, and that there will be more updates on both of those sweet marmie boys as time goes on. (And that foot-in-the-camera shot of Jasper is, indeed, way too much--streeeeeeech! LOL)

    Oh, and who is this lovely newcomer in the last picture??? I will definitely be awaiting further news on THAT score...

  10. Happy, happy news! How wonderful it is!


    P.S. Lisa, I finally got the newest pictures of the Angels up on my blog. So sorry it took so long but it seems you have your hands full anyway. Remember we are off to our first vet appointment Thursday evening :) I will try to post update Thursday night or Friday.

  11. Wow! What a fantastic set of updates! I've loved each and every one of them :-)

    Yay for Ashton and Colston hopefully finding their forever homes! Such a happy thought...I'll keep fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for them :-)

    Love the "Gus update" from Patrick and his friend Brian! Such wonderful boys! I agree with Margaret - If I could be guaranteed to have such a great child, I may rethink the whole "no kids" deal ;-)

    As for Jasper, our sweet little boy seems to have made himself perfectly at home and is winning over his little sister, slowly but surely ;-) How fantastic that he's so laid back and relaxed...and oh those pink paw pads just killed me! I'm sure he and Kona will become fabulous friends...when we brought my Mishka home, Poppy gave him one look and shrugged as if to say, oh another idiot boy...Bino followed him around for 3 days with a mixture of fascination and they're best buds, cuddling, grooming, and wrestling all day long.

    Can't wait to hear about the newest space cadet! Hope you're not working too hard and hope you get some time to relax :-)

  12. Good luck with closeout...!(I do federal budget [and other] stuff myself, so you have my sympathies, if you do as well! Throw yourself and the kitties a big FY10 New Year's Party...;) )

    I've been following the blog for a few months now (I'm in DC), and it's been great to see one of these "cat blogs" in my own area!

  13. I am so excited about all of this. Everybody is doing so well and getting so lucky - adopters and adoptees!



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