Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reporting Today's Events - Shots & an Adoption!

First on the agenda today was our visit to Doc Andrew for Gus' shots. Chris took us back and weighed Gus in. Gus has gained half a pound since last week, which is very good news! Finally, some meat on those cute bones!! And while we waited for Doc A to arrive... Gus wandered around, exploring the room and making sure everything was to his liking.

No shots of the shots today... Doc A allowed me to assist. And this was the fiestiest Gus has ever been with a vet! Kinda like the Amoxi (I have to wrap him every time now!), Gus has decided he's fine and doesn't need anyone to minister to him. No matter, Doc A gave him a through going over and clipped the couple of stitches that had worked their way out (perfectly normal according to the Doc). Shots ensued and Doc Andrew pronoucned Gus to be great shape.

So home we went, and I gave Gus a treat of some "real" food. Then we got ready to bring the remaining Maples boys to a meet'n'greet with a potential adopter. Before we left, Gus and Percy had some play time at the French Doors. As you may recall, Miss Aggie took care of "undoing" the curtains at the door, so we just have them pulled to the center of each window these days, which allows some interaction, without the participants actually touching.

Then off we went for the meet'n'greet. Here's Doc Phyllis greeting the boys...

Kona, Phyllis' roomate, gave the boys (still in the carrier) a quick inspection and then retired to the bedroom. Isn't Kona a lovely lady???

Here's a quick clip of Phyllis, Fred and Percy getting to know one another:

We visited for a good long time and the choice was clear to both to Phyllis and me, Fred was a good fit for the family!! Yay!!!!!!!

Phyllis has given a lot of thought to adding to her little family. She found Space Paws through Pitter Pats of Baby Cats (thanks, Sue!!!), and has followed the Maples and Gus for a while.

Happlily, we made arrangements for the final adoption, after Phyllis returns from vacation, on Septemeber 29th!! We are both so excited! A good home for Fred AND I get to spend some more time with the boys! Thanks, Phyllis!!!!

And, for the comic relief portion of our program, we present, for your enjoyment:
"We forgot the Loo!"

And, more good news, we have more meet'n'greets next week! Yay!!


  1. Oh! I feel so proud to have played a part in Fred finding his new home! Dang, that's exciting! Congrats to Phyllis and her new guy!

  2. Hooray for Fred finding his new home!

    And as for Gus, I am totally smitten. I really wish I lived over on your side of the US so I could add Gus to my family of kitties. Sigh... Ah well, I know he'll find his forever home just fine :D

  3. Happy to have joined the family! Sue, you and the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee lead me right to Space Paws. Little Gus got me emailing Lisa and the rest is (now documented) history. Huge Kudos to you folks who foster cats, you're the heroes of this story!

  4. I am so so happy for Fred.

    Phyllis, Thank you so much for opening your heart to him : Without people like you who open up their home and hearts to these special ones we foster folks wouldn't have hope for what we do.

    Lisa, Thank you for giving Fred and all the fosters the most amazing start in life. You are a wonderful:)


  5. Aside from standing with his legs a little close together in that first photo, Gus looks amazingly... normal. What a great job of care you have done for that little guy, Lisa!

    And yayyy for Fred. I was hoping he and Percy would be adopted together, but I can't have everything!

    Please keep up the good work - both caring and blogging!


  6. Great news all around! Gus looks amazing - glad he is putting on the pounds!
    And I wish many years of joy and happiness for Fred in his new home with Phyllis!

  7. Yay for Fred finding his forever-home with Phyllis! Wishing them all a most wonderful life together :-)

    As for our sweet Gus, our Bino is thrilled that Gus listened to his advice about the v-e-t! Hee hee! I love the expression on Gus' face when Doc A is holding him :) Not amused by all the poking and prodding :)

  8. Oh yeah for Fred !

    Phyllis, concatulations on your new son. I am sure you and Fred will have a wonderful life.!!!!

    Loves to all and good job Gus !!!


    Your Aunty Pol

  9. Yay for Fred and Phyllis and Kona! (Kona is gorgeous, btw!) Congrats on the new addition to your family, Phyllis!

    And hooray for Gus! You know they're feeling better when they fight their meds and/or the vet ;-)

    Lisa, in honor of the 9/11 day of service - and to occupy my hands so that I wouldn't yank my hair out during the Redskins' self-destruction yesterday afternoon - I knitted another 5" or so of the Space Paws Blankie. At this stage, I think it is plenty big enough to snuggle a kitten or two, but I really want it to be a square so...I am plugging away.

  10. lol, gus, your striped chicken leg is looking quite appetizing...

    i love that shot of them at the glass - my parents have the same thing, and when they have someone in quarantine, there's lots of peering through glass doors.

  11. Oh that is great that Fred has a new home, and great that you can spend more time with him before he goes! Now we just have to get Percy and Gus great places - I wish I knew people out that way (or that I was out that way). But they are both such cuties I am sure they will have places really soon!

  12. FYI - Jasper and the Beautiful Kona are on Instagram- @jasperandkona



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