Saturday, March 31, 2012

What the...???

Seriously, dude?  Would you care to explain to me exactly why sitting in used litter holds any appeal whatsoever?  I buy kitteh beds and scatter them throughout the house for your reclining pleasure.  We have perfectly good upholstered furniture upon which you may lay and, if I'm not in the room, scratch. A perfectly good bed, even.  TWO perfectly good beds.  And one of them is king size.

*sigh*  New behavior for Buddy.  Is this pecking order stuff? Is he feeling insecure for some reason? (Come to think of it, this may have started after his first encounter with Jerry, the only other male at the Casa.) He seems to do it when he joins me in the bathroom for my morning ministrations or when I go in to use the facilities in the evening - but then he stays there.  *sigh*  I've never come home, for example, and found him lounging.  And he only does it in the bathroom pan (there are 7 pans in the Casa).

*big sigh*

PS - Why did Rubbermaid stop making their wonderful pans?  They were perfect for smaller spaces, dang it!  It is high sided. It has handles for easy gripping.  Its entrance is the perfect step-in height.  It has a convenient pour spout at the entrance that also serves as insurance if kitteh decides to go facing the back of the pan.  The points at which the bottom and sides meet are gently rounded so no gook gets stuck in sharp corners. It even came in more attractive colors than grey.  Perfect.  So, of course, they've been discontinued.  Dang it!


  1. that looks a bit smell for long term comfort. FAZ

  2. Well I think you should hide that flashy soon as you're done!

  3. Awwww Buddy looks so comfy and cute though! LOL! Take care

  4. Isn't it funny what kitties find as comfortable? I guess we shouldn't judge...haha! But really it sounds like there are so many better spots to curl up in at your house! Cats are funny.

    Don't you hate it when you get a 'favorite' and it stops being made? Harumph!

    xo Catherine

  5. It's a cat thing. It's mystery, even to us dogs...

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  6. Is it an anxiety thing? A lot of times new cats at the animal shelter sit in their litter boxes until they get used to the place.

  7. Poor Buddy. Maybe he's nervous about some of the new arrivals? We agree with Maggie (our fellow PAWS volunteer!) ... some of the cats choose to sit in their litter boxes until they feel more secure. Strange, but true!

  8. What a silly kitty!

    My name is Oskar & I have a blog that I'd love for you to check out, It's a great place for pet bloggers to find each other and be featured. If you're interested you can e-mail me at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Oh Honey, please don't sleep in there. There is no need for that. Are you not feeling well, baby? You're in a catloaf position. Are you eating alright..drinking well?

  10. OH! And mommy said she was double delighted to see your mommy on Flickr! She hopes your mom posts more.

  11. I was watching "My Cat From Hell" and Jackson said it is because they like to surround themselves with their own scent when they are insecure..

  12. Other commenters have suggested the insecurity/anxiety concept, which was my guess too. I'm sure he'll feel more secure in time.

    Bummer about the litter box! That is actually exactly what I have been looking for, so how annoying that they've discontinued it.

  13. If something proves to be useful and exactly what's wanted, you can be sure they will discontinue it! Stinkers..
    Hope he gets out of the box soon!

  14. He's just keeping you guessing. Pretty sure there's a whole chapter on it in the Cat Handbook. ; )



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