Friday, March 30, 2012

Anniebutt Island and a Crystal Moment

It's been a very busy day but I didn't want to miss a post so soon after returning to the blog. (I'm trying really hard to get around to all of our blog friends so, what time I had, I spent doing that!)

So I figured I could put up one of the pics I have, even if it wasn't part of a foster story.  You so rarely see her on this blog, I thought this one of Annie, the senior member of the Casa's General Population, would do nicely.

Annie is 12 now, and has always been a bit of a "scaredy cat."  But when the new kitchen went in, she claimed the island - I was stunned - she so rarely asserts herself.  I made a few efforts to keep the residents off of the island (they pretty much stay off of the food prep surfaces, which are next to the fridge and sink) but gave up when I realized I wouldn't win.  You see the heat vent comes up right under where Annie is laying and the entire length of the island becomes toasty warm in the winter.  One day I came home to find five of them (yes, she shares occasionally) lined up, basking in the warmth.

Annie has kidney disease and we work very hard to keep the weight on her and keep her hydrated.  After losing Tisha and Annie and Grey, I can't bear the thought of something happening to my little Greyzini.  Of all the critters, Annie has the most nicknames - Anniebutt, Greyzini, Greyzolette, and Bleached Baby, because someone thought her cream and camel markings made her look like bleach had been spilled on a silver grey cat.  They even sang to her - "Bleached Baby, Bleached Baby, give me your paw..."  I do too, now and again!

Oh, how much I have missed during that hiatus!!  I just discovered that Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs (aka cats in your coffee) is having a March blogoversary adoption event.  If you haven't been there yet, go check out her beautiful Cashmere and offer a word of support!
Is she a floofalicious lovely, or what?  Having been feral, she needs furever family who is willing to give her lots of time to come to love them.  (Hey, would you ever have thought our Lucy would come around?  And look at her now!)  Cashmere just needs a quiet household to call her own, and beans with the patience to let her take her time learning to love.

*** Note - It looks like we're having problems with comments.  If you have difficulty, and have the time, drop me a line at hubblespacepaws at gmail dot com and I'll let Google know (how many folks, when, etc.!)  Thanks!! Lisa ***


  1. Oh my gosh, Annie is adorable and I can totally see the 'bleach' markings! What a sweetie!

    I have a kitty from Chrystal. Cashmere's brother in fact! Being born feral has not effected him being a very cuddly sweet funny bouncy wonderful kitty! I hope hope hope that the rest of his sisters, and the other cats, will find their forever homes soon!

  2. Annie is adorable, and I can totally understand the capture of the island.. I'd sleep on the counter if it were over a heat register too :)

  3. Annie is so beautiful. That island sounds pretty darn nice (toasty warm? whoohoo!), so we can't blame her one bit for staking her claim. :)

    We have our paws crossed for all the wonderful kitties at Chrystal's to find their forever homes soon. And that lots of people will buy bricks in her shelter's current brick fundraiser, too!

    Hugs to you and your critters!

  4. Annie is lovely! That island sounds like an excellent place to bask in the toasty warmth.



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