Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Cat at the Casa

It just showed up one day.  It's grey and follows Bitty all around.
Ha!  Happy April Fools Day!
(OK, so it was a pretty sorry effort, but at least we tried!)

On Our Friends-in-Need page:  
Ginger Lover Needs a Home ASAP.  Check the F.I.N. page for details. Hey, how many of your cats would be this good at bath time?  Bailey will make a great addition to the right loving home!

And please don't forget Red and Scuse.  

Regarding yesterday's post about Buddy's new habit of sitting in the bathroom litter pan, co-worker Kelly wondered if the pan was near a heat source.  I think she may have hit it!  That wasn't the pan's original position, I moved it out from under the sink (after I bonked my head scooping) and never even thought about it being directly in front of a heat vent.  I'll be moving it tonight and see if that solves the mystery.  Sure would rather that be the reason than the big guy feeling insecure in his own home!


  1. I hope the litter box mystery is solved - I was a little concerned seeing Buddy hanging out in there.

  2. We think that was a good effort at April Fools. I have seen cats sit in kitty litter boxes at times but I don't know why. Glad you figured yours out though. Take care.

  3. I like your April Fools dark passenger. : )
    ... congrats to the humans for figuring out the litter box mystery too!
    ; ) Katie

  4. We thought your gray guy was FUNNY, not silly at all!

  5. Hello Space Paws!!

    Thanks a million for commenting on our bloggy, we lost so many blogs when our hard disc crashes and you were amongst them. NOT ANY MORE You are on our RSS Feed again now!

    Thanks for the BP help. If you donated you go into the draw to win a doll that Mum made!

    Oh and finally (won't be long honest). I guess you guys saw the space cats? It made Mum laugh so much!!

  6. I liked your April Fools post! :)

  7. We're glad April Fools is almost over 'cause we got tricked a lot today!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. So glad you're back posting! Thanks for the note to let me know.



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