Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trudy and Lawrence have an announcement

Remember us?  Want to guess where we are?  Yep!!  Our new furever home!!!!

We like being here with Sarah.  It's just her and us.  Nice and quiet, no kittehs coming and going, and she gives us all of her attention, not just part of it!  And we still get to see the Space Paws lady 'cause we live three blocks away!

Better yet, there are kitteh lovers downstairs, too.  A whole family of them.  And sometimes Sarah will open her door and the folks downstairs will open their door and we have the run of the whole place.  There are more folks to pet us than there are us. Well, you know what we mean.  Pretty cool.

Sarah and the Space Paws lady are friends (the downstairs folks, too... they all go to the same church).  Well, Sarah came to visit and fell in love with us.  Naturally.  And, after a few visits, she asked if we could come visit her.  We all settled in so well, Sarah asked us if we'd stay and we said sure!

The Space Paws lady asks us if we miss her when she comes to visit.  Maybe a little but it is so nice being with Sarah it's hard to imagine ourselves anywhere else.  We love our new mom!  She says she'll send pictures sometimes so you won't miss us, too.

See you later!
Trudy and Lawrence

Lisa here.  Yes folks, I'm ever so happy for my sweet duo and for Sarah.  I'll admit, I cried buckets the day Sarah told me it would be forever.  I still don't get it.  You'd think it would get easier to let fosters go the longer I do this, but it doesn't, especially with the adults.  This time, happy as I am for them, I thought my heart would break.

You might remember, Trudy and Lawrence had been with me as kittens and found a very nice dad who, unfortunately, was forced to return them due to economic difficulties.  I kept them for almost a year, hoping things would turn around for him but, sadly, they didn't.  When Sarah expressed an interest, I had a selfish moment.  I didn't want to give them up.  (Even now, weeks later, I'm in puddles as I type.)  But sense prevailed.  I couldn't find a better home for them than Sarah's and letting go is part of my job. I remind myself there wouldn't be room for other kittehs needing a home if I kept everyone.  I love you, my babies.  Be good and make your new mom as happy as you've made me, OK?

Sarah and Trudy
Playin' with the red dot in our new digs.


  1. That is awesome that Trudy and Lawrence have a new home! You did good.

  2. So happy for Trudy and Lawrie! I can relate to being in puddles and I hope that their original dad has an upturn in his luck too! Hugs and purrs to you all!

  3. Aww, yay for a happy ending! I cried buckets when I gave up my sweet little Peanuts Gang, but there is so much joy in knowing they got happy endings. I totally understand where you're coming from!

    And I'm GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!

  4. Oh, how wonderful that Trudie and Lawrence got a forever home but I can easily understamd why you cried. I would make a very weepy foster mother because I woud want to keep them all. I am so emotionally involved with kittehs.


  5. I just saw Hyacinth's photo stream from Flickr over on your side bar. My mommy has a photstream too and all us kitty people find one another over there. Mommy just loves her.

  6. This is a wonderful happy "ending" for both Trudy and Lawrence, as hard as it was for you. Well done!

  7. That is so wonderful and I am so very, very happy for them!

  8. Awwwww so happy for Trudy and Lawrence with lovely mum Sarah!! But you will always have a special place in their hearts! :-) Take care

  9. Concatulations to Trudy and Lawrence! It's never ever easy letting them go, and after all that time!

  10. aww lisa, I'm sorry about your puddles..

    I think I'm actually having a harder time letting go the more I do this.. Mostly because I keep hearing horror stories and it just reinforces that no home is good enough.. only mine.. (which I know is not even remotely real let alone realistic) so I spend more and more time reading happy stories and people like Trudy make it easier..

  11. Wonderful news, Trudy and Lawrence! You both look so happy. And big hugs to you, Lisa. I got a bit misty eyed as I read this - I know that tug of heart you feel. Thank heavens you will be able to visit often!
    Yes, I am thrilled you are back!

  12. Hugs to you, Lisa -- it *is* hard, letting go. How great that they have a permanent place near enough to visit, but I know it's not the same as having them curled up in bed with you at the end of the day. May the resident GP give you lots of extra love to help make their absence less so.

  13. Dammit woman, ya made old mean hearted Pol Cry!

    I am soo happy for everyone, I know it's hard, but you did the right thing for everyone Lady L and I am proud to call you my friend and sisah. Love to T & L too.

  14. Aw, hugs to you. I know it can't be easy to see them go, but you know in your heart that they are where they should be. They have their forever home and that's a good thing that you did. You made their happy ending!

  15. Trudy and Lawrence, we are so happy for you and your new Mom Sarah! It sounds like you've landed yourelf one of those purrfect forever homes we all dream about! :)

    Lisa, you did great (as always). Thank you for caring so much, and for doing everything you do.


  16. I can't even imagine having to let fosters go, but you did such a great job finding them a wonderful home!

  17. I don't know how you do it, but I'm so very grateful that you do. With each kitteh you let go of, another's world is changed for the better. Thank you so much.



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