Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucy, is that really you?

Is this the same cat that sent me to the hospital a year ago?  Yeah, it really is.  Lucy's progress has been just amazing since the first of the year. It took our girl about 9 months to even show her face regularly upstairs but once she decided the General Population and I were OK, she's made huge strides.

And, if you think that's pretty cool, check these out:
Yes, that is precious Lucy, in my lap!!!  I hardly dared to breathe, but she's consenting to lap time fairly regularly now.  The day she jumps up, I'll know she's turned a huge corner. 

And sleeping with Sophie!!!  Sophie is everyone's friend, so it's exciting, but not surprising.

And if I could have gotten to the cell on my nightstand last night, you'd have a shot of her sleeping between my legs!!! Yep, that was Lucy's idea - I really didn't breathe then!

She's a love hound now.  Big time!  Like I said - amazing!  Oh, the feral is still in her.  She still startles easily.  And shies away when I change position (if I'm standing when she comes into a room, fine, but if I'm seated and then stand, for instance, she'll skitter away a few feet and regard me warily for a few seconds).  

So it looks like she's on the right track and the train... errrr, Lucy... shows no signs of slowing down in her transition to house cat status.  If she keeps this up for another six months or so, we'll start the search for her furever home.  She gets along great with the GP ever since she started spending time with us, which is a blessing.

There's good news, too, on the Buddy front and for Trudy & Lawrence, but we'll save those for other posts.  Jerry is fully healed now but is keeping to the basement and still hides when I come down.  

Sweet Wendy honored Moblin with one of her classic "toot" LOLs last month (and I hang my head in shame that it took me almost a month to get another post up to thank her!):.  

Looking forward to sending this to her furever mom.  Yes, Moblin is no longer on foster-to-adopt.  She's just plain adopted!

So, more soon!  I miss you all!!!


  1. So great to see you again! Wonderful about Lucy and about Moblin! Great strides in all directions!

  2. Hello!!!!! Awwww Yay for adorable beautiful Lucy!! What a love bug!!! Lovely to see a post from you all! Yay!

    Take care

  3. Lots of good news here today! Hooray!
    xo Catherine

  4. This is great! Kudos to you for your work with Lucy, and to Lucy for coming so far. Wonderful. :-)

  5. How wonderful! Good for you Lucy, and great job with her! May her furever home show up right quick

  6. That is great! She's really come a long way!

  7. Wonderful news all around! The special joys of fostering....
    Great to hear from you!

  8. Well, that is good news about Lucy calming down and getting lovey.

    Um, do you know you have the dreaded evil word verification on? Since blogger changed the format, many bloggers can't read it. Would you consider turning it off?

  9. Yay, Lucy! And props to you, Lisa. It takes patience to bring out the housecat in a feral. I've met a few recently who are on their way but not quite there yet. Even the slightest "wrong" move on a human's part and they're off to safer places. Just have to keep at it ...



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