Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jerry's still shy

Yep, he's still hiding under the bed.

And hiding beside the bed.

And hiding some more behind the bookcase (I think we found a lost kitten toy back there!).

(Franca, his favorite place to hide is the kitteh nest you gave us, which is in the cupboard under the stairs.  Unfortunately the entrance faces away from where I can stand, so no pics, yet!)

Forgive the crummy corners of the basement - of course he hides in the least photogenic places! 

I shouldn't be surprised, it took a couple of months for Lucy to come out of hiding and she had a reason - the two legs had started playing with her babies and she needed to keep an eye on the proceedings. 

Jerry's only been here a bit over a month.  Unfortunately I rushed things with him and opened the door to the basement last week, hoping he'd venture up after I went to bed.  Big mistake.  Big, big mistake.  He seriously did not like having the other cats come down.  No fights or even much growling but, where he'd been so fastidious before, he has clearly peed outside the pan (probably hiding from them).  I still haven't figured out where and it stinks down there.  Jerry being a late-neutered tom probably doesn't help the stink factor.  So the door is closed again and we'll give him more time to adjust.  This week is so packed, he's going to have to live with it a while.  Next weekend we scrub the floor from corner to corner with Get Serious.  He's not going to like that either!  LOL!

The shots above aren't the greatest because he largely sticks to small, dark places when I show up, and doesn't want me to get near.  But I can see how much better his eyes are than when he first came here.  Then he was squinting constantly (see below).  Now he looks at me with eyes wide open (top pic)!

Jerry in the first week (caught him snoozing in one of the cat beds) when I was tempted to rename him Squinto:

I just love the crescent moons on his cheeks.  Looks like the boy got himself some tats!  


  1. Aww, I hope he learns that humans can be friends soon!
    You know, he might have gone outside the box to mark the area when the other cats came down, guarding it from them. Still stinky.. But hopefully he gets past his scardy cat-ness soon!

  2. Aww, look at him and those chubby former tom cat cheeks. He's a handsome fellow, we know with your TLC and endless patience he'll eventually learn that people are good to have around.

  3. Me and Charlie are waving a big wave to lovely Jerry! Take care

  4. Oh he looks just like our Baby Doll who also hid for a month and is finally doing all right although she hates all other cats. Hope Jerry decides soon to think you are all right. It will happen. Have a great day.

  5. Have you considered a little chemical help for Jerry?? There are some products out there that could help him such as Rescue Remedy and Spirit Essences

  6. Jerry, your crescent moon markings are crazy cool! It's great that your eyes are feeling better :)

    If you can get hold of a black light, they work well for showing up spots of wee. I've seen them sometimes in pet supply shops.

  7. Handsome Jerry, we sure hope you'll be okay, and that you'll realize soon that some humans are really nice.

  8. Oh he is SO mancatly, mum says.

    We hope he'll get happier and less shy soon. I'm sure he'll figure out that the human staff are good to cuddle with, and get food from, and great at playtime. :)



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