Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can You Get Through to Her?

First though, an important PSA from Brian...
Go on over to Brian's and read the whole story. Then, you know the drill folks... post, tweet, email and otherwise work intertube magic for these ladies, OK?

And now to my dilemma... The bean has been on vacation and, clearly, she's been too busy to LISTEN to me. So maybe you can help.
Well, you know I came here with a bunch of war wounds... it's a jungle out there!... and some of 'em aren't healing up as fast as the doc would like. So what does she do? Puts me in ridiculous outfits! It's unseemly for a manly mancat, I tell you!

No matter how irritated I look, she just doesn't get it.

I mean, people can SEE me in these stupid getups from the window and I'm NOT giving up my favorite lounge area.
Oh, it gets worse... when I figured out how to get out of this stretch muscle shirt, she had to audacity to sew me into a baby onesie. Ha! I was out of that one in a day. Her next effort was even more offensive. SHE PUT ME IN A GOOGIE SHIRT! That's right. The raiment of my mortal enemies. That one was off in under an hour.

I guess she's not a very bright bean. Mad or not, I won't take away her TLC... beans need that, you know. If you don't give 'em regular lovin' they get right cranky. This one loves having her hair groomed every night - I can tell be the squeals and delighted squirming she does when I really get into it. It's quite convenient actually, since I sleep on her head.
So anyhow, if you could please tell her to lay off the lame clothing, I'd sure appreciate it.


PS- Parts of me are healing really well, did you notice my nose isn't red anymore!


  1. We actually think you look quite fashionable!! Sniffie used to groom Mom's hair all the time!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Hopefully you'll heal quickly sweet one and then those outfits can disappear! You do look mighty fine though!

  3. I think you look handsome in that mesh muscle shirt, Buddy :) But, 9 agrees with you. Clothing is not fun to wear at all.

  4. But red goes so well with your tuxedo outfit! Just concentrate your energy on healing, Buddy - the sooner you get better, the sooner you can go back to wearing only your own fur.

  5. A mesh muscle shirt! A baby onesie! A doggie shirt!! Oh heavens, this human has some nerve, doesn't she? Please tell me she took some pictures of you in those other outfits...

  6. Head Noogies ...oh the heart melts..just what I needed after my post today honey, I feel a squillion times mo 'bedder,. I am off to popst the linky and do mah thing.

    Love tp all


  7. You look very smart in those outfits. :)

  8. Geez, healing sure does have its indignities!

  9. I'm sorry Buddy, but I think you look downright HANDSOME in that shirt..

    But then again I've always been told I'm on the weird side of things

  10. Poor guy -- my Pumpkin also had to wear a shirt for a while while his stitches healed. I made them out of old t-shirts. Even with reinforced stitching in the armholes, I still had to put him in a new shirt twice per day when he would get one all stretched out!


  11. We are purring and praying that you get all better real soon, Buddy. Then you can just run whenever the human tries to dress you in those crazy outfits! (We do have to say, though, that you look great in that muscle shirt.)

    We will post about Lil Em and sapphire on Facebook!

  12. Hey, Buddy - You do look so much better now - and, I hate to say it, but handsome in that manshirt, and even a googie short (I would draw the line at a onesie!)
    But, handsome is as handsome does, so as soon as Doc Andrew says you are all better, you won't have to wear any more hooman stuff!
    Listen to your bean - she is working her magic to help you get healthy and happy (even when you choose to look grumpy)!

    Heh! My verification wore is 'phooli' which strikes me as something you would say about hooman clothes.

  13. Buddy, you don't have to worry about being a tough mancat now, you are safe, loved and have a great place to heal up and get your strength up ready for being adopted. Those were some nasty wounds.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and love for Whicky. It's really helping us to know he was so loved by so many. We remember our early visits to you. One particular orangy litter making very lous schlurps as they ate sticks in our memory. It's wonderful that Space Paws has been so successful and helped so many felines

    Oliver, Gerry & The Apes



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