Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buddy's in Better Shape & Kittens Choose Incarceration

First up: Buddy. Well, our beaten-up boy is doing fairly well according to Doc Andrew. The wounds are granulating nicely and he didn't find anything else obviously wrong. Unfortunately somebody over at the Pet ER didn't send the blood work, so Doc will call me when that gets in. He says if there are internal parasites, one of the meds he gave our boy should take care of the problem. Doc guesses he's between 4 and 7. I had guessed 5, so we're going with that on his records.

We'll go back in a couple of weeks for a progress check. The ear mites aren't just ear mites - he's got an ear infection as well, but the antibiotics and meds should stand him in good stead there. Fortunately, nothing is "contagious" so I just have to wash hands before playing with the kittens. Yay for no more "strip downs" after Buddy lovin'! Buddy got all his shots and took it the exam like a stoic mancat... except the ears, he did growl a little on that. It went kinda like this:

Home early, aren't ya? What's up? Why are you talking to me in that sing-song-y voice? (And, yeah, the basement bathroom is circa 1950 - pink with maroon trim.)

Uhhuh... I knew it the minute you put me in the car. We're at one of those places where they poke and prod me, aren't we? I can tell by the smell. I'm not sure I like you anymore, woman.

Who is that? If he tries anything with my bum, like the other guy, it's all over - you know that don't you?

OK, not so bad. We'll give this guy a pass. Mostly. What? Stop purring so you can hear my heart, you say, mister? I don't think so. You're gonna have to work for it bud.

You are definitely on my s**t list, lady. Didn't you hear the man? I'm healing up fine. I shouldn't be expected to endure this twice in one week.

OK, back to being a model patient.

The kittens go in for their shots Thursday and, I hope, to the Institute for a Meet'n'Greet next Tuesday. Promise to take the camera down this week for some good shots. Yesterday they decided the kennel was fun and spent most of the night cavorting in and on it.

Miska: Halp! We iz prizners!!!

Oh. There iz teh door. Nebermind.


  1. Buddy's a handsome mancat. Obviously sturdy too.

    "We iz prizners" .. ha!

  2. Good for you Buddy, you're in good paws, not to worry! Hooray for the cute little ones too!!!

  3. Oh my stars ~ what a good kitty! Letting the vet check every nook and cranny. The moment we get to the vet they knock Banjo out with a needle. They no longer even kid themselves that they can check him out without some good drugs!! :)

    xo Catherine

  4. Wow, I'm impressed with Buddy's patience! Those sideways ears and looks of disgruntlement were pretty funny, though.

  5. Glad to hear you are doing OK Buddy, we are going to keep purring for everyone at Space Paws.

    We hopes you all stay well and find good homes.

  6. Buddy, you are far better at the vet's than I am!

  7. I am so happy to hear Buddy is doing well! He seems like a very sweet little man!

  8. Good boy, Buddy! Heheh younare quite the trooper :D

    Kittens are as kittens should be... Adorable!

  9. Oh, Buddy, we can see you weren't happy about that trip to the vet. LOL. We'r glad you're doing well, though!

    The mom loves those top-loading carriers, wouldn't go back to the older style!

  10. We are glad Buddy is doing so well and was a model patient (could he send some instructions over here???).

  11. Yay for Buddy doing so well...your v-e-t series totally cracked me up :)

    Oh those poor prisoner kittens...we must raise bail money to get them out of jail...don't worry babies, my boys are on it...you'll be free soon...free...hang in there...oh wait...there's a door? Never mind ;)

  12. Yay Buddy! And can I saw I love Doc Andrew! I never met him, but know of his skill and kindness through these posts!

    Looks like the kittens have learned the art of being silly!

  13. Whoops, I meant 'say' not 'saw'

    And Lisa, I love how you can read Buddy's thoughts!

  14. Awww beautiful Buddy has a catitude! LOL!!! Awww but he's a very brave and good kitty!! And oh so handsome!! We have everything crossed for him! Go Buddy!! Yay!

    Awwww the kitties are adorable!! Take care

  15. That kitty has real interesting cat eyes! I hopes he is ok.

  16. Awwwww ... Buddy's sweet little face makes me want to smoochie him to bits! Get well soon Buddy.

    Milo and Alfie's mom xx
    Purrs from Milo and Alfie xx

  17. We are so happy to hear Buddy's doing so well. The sixth picture and text made me actually LOL. :)

    And yay for the kits, too!

  18. Lots of healing wishes to Buddy and big cheers for Lucy's becoming more and more trusting! We know the challenges of a skittish kitty. Hope there are even more relaxed days ahead soon :)



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