Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cry for help - Cats needs someone to help them live.......


Thank you, everyone, who has offered to help. If you're interested in contributing or fostering, please contact Sonia at the address below!

Original Post:

Our own Sonia, who has fostered more critters than I can count (most recently Justice), asked us to post this PSA. B'more area folks, especially, please post, email, tweet... and let the intertubes due its stuff...

I've been contacted by a local person of a situation in my area. Apparently at this house, there has been domestic abuse. The mother is in jail and the father is in the hospital. There were 30 cats in the home. Animal Control has come in and trapped all but 8 of the cats. The person that contacted me has promised Animal Control she would find homes or foster homes for the remainder. The have not been cared for (infested with fleas and very thin). If all the cats are not gone by the end of the weekend, Animal Control will be back to drive them to their death. Someone in the household signed a paper allowing them to be euthanized. I understand some of the cats are very young and loving.

I have been in contact with the Md Feline Society and they have offered to provide flea medication (Revolution). We are going to bath them and remove all the fleas before we adopt or foster.

I am at my limit and at my location (financially and just not enough hands to give them all the love they deserve). I am desperately trying to help save their lives and find them loving homes (or foster homes).

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be able to help save their lives.

Warm regards,


I have contacted the Md Feline Society and the Feline Rescue Association. The Md Feline Society is providing us with Flea Meds for all the cats (Revolution). I will foward you the message I received from the Md Feline Association.


  1. How can we help? Is there an address where readers can send Paypal donations for these cats?

    -- K

  2. Purring someone is able to help foster/adopt these poor kities. We shared on FB and twitter so hopefully someone in your area will see and help.

  3. How very sad. I shared the information too.

  4. Thank you Lisa and our followers. You all are so wonderful!!!
    We now have one very young kitty at my Dad's house. She's a little beat up. Possibly mating marks because most are around her neck. She has been given a bath and we applied the revolution. No more fleas. At the moment, we have her in a large kennel, resting safely out of harms way. She is sooo lovable. She loves to knead my shoulders and purrs and purrs.

    Thanks again for all your support to all our wonderful friends!

  5. I posted on my FB - I have a good group of MD and Baltimore-area fans.

  6. We will purr and pray, and share this information on FB.



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