Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing exciting today. Just some shots of the kids:

Lessa and Oliver in the tunnel:

Miska joins them:

Gia, prefering her beauty sleep:

And, do you come home to things like this? Apparently one of the residents thought this would look better in the living room!! I'd have paid money to see the transport!


  1. Oh, Oh, OH, they are so adorable!!!!!!!


  2. MOL - we do that just to mess with mom. she swears one of these days she is installing a camera to see what we do all day. Adorable kitten pics!

  3. Oh, their little oval faces! They're so very cute!

  4. nothing exciting?? you call kitten picts nothing exciting?? geeze

  5. Oh those tiny kitten faces just kill really, Auntie Hyacinths is officially knocked dead from all this cuteness :)

    As for moving objects around the house and placing them in strategic places, my boys call it creative's cute and funny until the one time that they drag an inappropriate item in the middle of a room full of guests :)

  6. Those tiny kittens are too cute!

    Our big boy kitty leaves all kinds of interesting "gifts" for us in the night and leaves them in the hallway in front on the bedroom door. :)

  7. Oh my yes we did when the triplets were about the same age..they'd drag a woven blanket from the sofa that was 10 x's their size to the floor to puddle up for a nap.

    Hugs to all

    Aunty Pol

  8. I think those are exciting pictures!

  9. The kittens look like they're doing wonderfully. (And eating Mama's food -- wow!) Glad to see everyone's so relaxed. They're a darling family.



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