Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And Tang's New Name is...

Tang, anxiously awaiting news of his new name:

Opie Simon James!

What??? Three names? Well, your distracted blogist here wrote the names down on her handy dandy lined pad, cut them apart, tossed them all together and stuck in her hand to pick.

Unfortunately, this was a post-it note pad and there was an edge of stickum on one of the strips. Three of the names stuck together. So, since we do bonafide random drawings here, all three names win! (OK, I'll be honest, I read James first, but somehow he seems more like an Opie to me, so I put that first, and liked the sound of the three names in this order best. Sorry, Alexa!)

So, metzdarling and Judy (Opie), Milo & Alfie and Webbthistle (Simon), and Alexa (James) our boy is named for you.

On the kitten front:

OK, on the cat front first... yesterday, Mama Lucia came out from under the bed to watch me prepare her food and stayed out while I put it down! And ate in front of me! And today she moved forward toward the bowl while I was putting it down on the floor. Happy days! We are making progress, bit by bit!

And now, more somewhat blurry cell phone pics of the babies. I promise to try to remember to take down the camera tomorrow. Really!

We haz 'bandoned da little red boat in faver of moar spacious accomodashuns:

Miska: Ha! I beatzed Gia up here again! But darn dat Lessa, she iz alwayz here furst!


  1. OMC! We are THRILLED that one of his name's is Simon! Fanks. Smoochies.

  2. LOL ~ that's a long name! But oh so cute. :)

    The kittens are looking just too sweet!
    xo Catherine

  3. Yeah for Lucia!!! And we love that last picture of the kitten...MOL

  4. I love the name and those sweet kitten faces!!!

  5. Quite an elegant name for him. Congrats to those who helped name him.

  6. Opie Simon James is a wonderful name!! Yay to everyone!!!!

    Awww and the kitties are purrrrrrfect!!! So cute! take care

  7. Squeeee! Perfect name for a wonderful kitteh!
    But Milo and Alfie should get full credit for the Simon portion....
    I only said that tbey had a great idea!
    Sweet Opie Simon James, it is a delight to meet you!!!!

  8. That is a great name! So glad to hear of the progress on the Mama Lucia front, and the kittens continue to be incredibly adorable!

  9. From that pose, we're supposed to see freckles? LOL! Love Opie's full name and the kittehs are gorgeous.

  10. Oh his new name is perfect! Love "Opie Simon James"'s a perfect name for a perfect little boy :)

  11. how does opie feel about you posting a pic of him licking his butt??



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