Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time Sensitive PSA (followed by our regular programming)

Our regular post follows this, but we wanted this to be up front since it's time sensitive.

We received a request moments ago for assistance from the folks who do Baltimore's public housing. Todd called to say they are about to start construction on a building and discovered 5-10 cats are living in its crawl space. They have volunteers to trap the cats and will take care of both the arrangements for, and cost of, spay/neuter and shots.

What they need is someone (or multiple persons willing to take one or two each) willing to shelter the cats once the spay and neuter is done. A farm situation would be good as well.

Time is of the essence though - Todd only has a little over a day to make arrangements for rehoming these cats. Unfortunately, if he has to call Animal Control, odds of euthanasia are very high.

I am full up, but I said I'd spread the word to help. I was surprised and pleased that the city in which I live is making this effort - many would not. If you can help, please contact Todd - his information is below. If you know of someone who might be able to help, please forward this.

Todd Cohen, M.A.
Community Liaison
Housing Operations
The Housing Authority of Baltimore City
417 East Fayette Street, Room 266
Baltimore, Maryland 21202


  1. I shared on Facebook and posted on Twitter.

  2. Oh we are purring that someone can help - we wish we were closer to the area and knew people out there!

  3. Oh good grief, these poor kitties!
    I hope that some kind soul will take them in! Fingers crossed! Take care

  4. Good luck to these poor sweet kitties.

  5. We don't know anyone in Baltimore, but we got our paws crossed that people will step up. Could someone try calling a local tv station? Glad they are trying to do the right thing!!



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