Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nursing Pics!! And Wendy LOLed Jasper!

Well, our friend Wendy, of the famous LOL Spot has done it again!! When I was incarcerated... errrr... hospitalized, she posted this adorable LOL!! Thanks Wendy!!! If you haven't been to the LOL spot yet, I highly recommend a visit to brighten your day. You'll meet lotsa nice kittehs from all over the intertubes!

Drum Roll Please!! We have nursing shots!

My wonderful niece-in-love, Liz, encouraged nephew Mark to come to the Casa and play with electronics whist she kept the home fires burning. And what did he do for us? Why he rigged up a wireless, high def, night vision, IP security camera to get pics of the babies under the bed!

Here's a sequence of pics. You can see our lovely LBC's face, close up, for the first time! While they look somewhat similar, note the changes in the babies positions.

You know where this is heading, don't you??? ;-D

It may take a little while (spare time is at a premium right now) for us to figure out where, and how, to mount the camera so that Mama doesn't block it... sometimes I've tuned in to a black screen - she's laying up against it!!

And, last but not least (daily, until the big day), we give you our shameless plug for the March for the Animals & NAME THOSE BABIES!

Our lady Two Legs is doing the March for the Animals on Sunday, April 17th, to raise green papers for the MD SPCA. I'm going to round up my siblings and we are going to help! If you can help, in ANY amount, you get a chance to name my sister and brothers and me!!!! Click here, to find out more!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has pitched in to help!


  1. We can't wait to see those little kittens roaming about.

  2. What a bootiful mummy, and well done on your LOL!

  3. The pics are just precious. Fanks for sharing.

  4. I loved the LOL over at Wendy's place, way cool! And those little ones, adorable fur sure!

  5. Wendy's LOL is so funny...cracked me up :)

    Love the high tech night camera installation...how exciting :) Now all we need is streaming live video and we'd be all set ;)

    By the way, little Mama has the cutest little face!

  6. how funny about tuning in to a black screen!! I have a web cam as well, and unfortunately I've never been able to get it in focus. Where it is now, I can't even see Jordan and her kits.

    Can't wait to see how you rig it up and the picts that come from it.

  7. Little kittens are really cute, even in super-soldier nigh vision! And jasper is very pleased that he's been LOL'd. He said, and I quote, "well, it's about time".

  8. Love the Jasper LOL and LOVE the sneaky pix of mama! Can't wait for more!



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