Monday, April 11, 2011

Shabby Chic and Groomin' Babies

Purrayer moment: Sending out hugs to Chrystal, at Daily Dose of Dogs (aka, Cats with your Coffee), who just lost two new foster babies, despite heroic attempts to save them.

We don't usually do challenges, 'cause we're not organized enough, but Milo and Alfie's Shabby Chic Day was too much to resist. You see Casa residents have been rendering our furniture shabby for years! Who knew it was chic?!

First up is the recliner you saw so often in 2009 and 2010. It only took 1.5 years for it to get into this condition... and the cats WERE using their scratching posts, too! Clearly something about this chair brought out the claws, especially from the guys (OK, Grey, yeah, it was mostly you, sweetie). This is why we now have slipcovered furniture!! The lounge chair is languishing in Space Paws back basement, waiting for me to pull together the green papers for slip covers. Yes, I understand it is possible to slip cover a recliner - the chair is perfectly good - just looks, well, shabby chic!

I feel the perfect accessory to shabby chic is the GIANT MUTANT FURBUNNY! Unfortunately, we did not have any to photograph because we used the loud sucky machine on Friday. But, we can show them to you in the formative stages. First it's a little clump, here. And a couple of little clumps there. And a few hairs showing up everywhere. And THEN, they decide to have a convention.

That's the stage we're at now. Left unchecked, they will float and roll around, picking up members along the way, and pretty soon you have a Furbunny as big as one of your residents. Like I said, the perfect accessory to Shabby Chic!

And now, on to babies!!

Yesterday, when I tickled Big Girl's Belly, she immediately groomed a paw... and she did this over and over! I filmed it but it turned out a bit blurry. :-( But today she was grooming, with no prompting at all!!

We will close todays viewing with a gratuitous toesie shot, courtesy of Miss Little Girl.

Last, but not least, another shameless plug - March for the Animals & Name Those Babies!

Our lady Two Legs is doing the March for the Animals on Sunday, April 17th, to raise green papers for the MD SPCA. I'm going to round up my siblings and we are going to help! If you can help, in ANY amount, you get a chance to name my sister and brothers and me!!!! Click here, to find out more!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has pitched in to help!


  1. Good job on that couch! That is a work of art.

  2. I was going to say the very same thing as Raymond and Busby... because, well, it's true!

    BTW, Chrystal is amazing. She may have lost the two foster babies, but the mother, and her friend, are only alive because of her hard work.

  3. Oh no, I hate to hear that about Chrystal's little ones. But these little ones are as cute as they can be!!!

    I love the decorating skills, I'm very impressed!!!

  4. That was a super job with the couch. Looks much better that way
    Those kittens are too darn cute. That one really worked hard on getting her paws all nice and clean. Great video.

  5. The work done on that chair was brilliant. We're in awe!

    What a sweet video...Isn't she just a doll? So precious!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. Yay for a brilliant and very stylish shabby chic look!! LOL!! Extra wads of furrs are always essential! :-)

    Awwww Little Girl kitty is so cute grooming herself! What a cutie!!!

    The kitties are just adorable! Take care

  7. Haha ~ well I think that chair just looks extra fluffy with all those skritches and skratches on it! I'm sure it's still very comfy.

    Hmm....furbunnies... well those look familiar now don't they? Truly a sign of a well lived in home I think.

    Oh those kittens, it does a heart good. Isn't it amazing how even at a young age those little babies know the joy of clean hands...errr...paws! ADORABLE!!!!

    xo Catherine

  8. Awwwwww ... so so cute! Fanks for sharing.

    We were sad to hear Chrystal's noos ~ we love her for trying so hard to help the kits.

  9. My boys think that the couch looks simply fact, Gambino has had similar decorating ideas on one of our couches :)

    That itty bitty kitten cleaning her paws just about killed how halfway through, she sees her other leg and goes "whoa, another one? where did this come from?"

  10. Oh my goodness!! Those babies are so sweet. I hope you find homes for all of them.

  11. Holy cow are we behind - you have baby kittens there too! Boy, there has been a lot going on around the blogosphere that we missed!

    And yep, we understand the shabby chic at our house - I think that is just a reality of pet ownership no matter how hard you try. And giant dust bunnies - we have enough to almost make another cat there is so much flying around, so I know exactly what you are talking about!



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