Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Three Adoptions!

I'm stunned!!!! First, Kathy wrote yesterday, saying that Poco and Teddy found a home with a nice couple... TOGETHER! And then, just as I was about to do tonight's post, I got an email from Carole letting me know that sweet Skippy found his furever home. Hopefully we'll have some more details, soon, but for now, wish each of these young men all the best with their new families!

Skippy, Poco and Teddy
It's been raining around here... and now we can say it's pouring good news!

Mama makes the roomier box roomier still... better to see her nursing!

Yesterday, I moved the "roll" forward in the box to give the growing family more room. "Ha!" said LBC, "Watch this!" and proceeded to push out the back of the box (as you can see in the photo). There is a rug under the box, extending to the back wall, in case the little ones decide to explore a bit, so I think I'll leave it for today and then turn the box around tomorrow. We'll see if I can't entice the little family into a "nest." We have two... a nice quilted one that Franca sent us and a larger, but lighter one that Ali gave to us. I think I might start with Franca's, since it's more cave like. I think it will be less threatening for LBC.

Hyacinth hit the nail on the head... we're going to be trying for streaming video in a few weeks. It's just too busy right now for me to work on it and I don't want to impose too much on the neph's good will. I can peek in during the day, but the current set up only allows 10 people watch at once... and we've still got a few technical difficulties.

I guarantee nothing but, if you'd like to try before it is ready for prime time, go to You'll get an authentication window - just hit cancel. Then you'll get a black screen. If you're lucky, it will change over to the feed fairly quickly. Or not. Once you get a feed it may go in and out. Very frustrating. (But isn't that always the way with new tech - then, once you finally get the hang of it, and figure out the idiot thing you were doing wrong, it seems so simple.) Seems the intermittent "black" was not mama against the lens, as we first thought it might be!

Our Sophie says, "You haven't been paying enough attention to ME!!" So to make amends, here's some Sophie belly:

And, last but not least (daily, until the big day), we give you our shameless plug for the March for the Animals & NAME THOSE BABIES!

Our lady Two Legs is doing the March for the Animals on Sunday, April 17th, to raise green papers for the MD SPCA. I'm going to round up my siblings and we are going to help! If you can help, in ANY amount, you get a chance to name my sister and brothers and me!!!! Click here, to find out more!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has pitched in to help!


  1. Oh wot wonderful noos! :high five paws: It's always a joy to hear noo forever homes have been found, and the good life can commence. Purrs.

    The babies are so adorable. And Sophie's floofy tum-tum is ripe for :snorgling:


  2. That is such exciting news. It is always such a happy day when kitties get adopted, especially two together.
    Thanks so much Sophie for showing us your belly fur. It is just gorgeous. Take care.

  3. Hurrah for the adoptions! Great news indeed!

    Yes, those babies are just precious and Sophie's belly floof is making us all swoon, including the mom!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Auntie Lisa..

    Mama who I is not speaking to still asked me to ask you to send some rain..even Gracie Marie knows we need some down here .

    Hurray for forever homes and the pretty babies and who is that lovely girl wif dah floofy tummy...does she has a boyfriend kitteh man yet ?

    Andy and the kittehs at the Casa de Swamp-less

  5. Hooray, hooray, hooray for the adoptions, and I'm so happy that Poco and Teddy get to go together! Love the little ones!

  6. Yay for the happy adoptions...doing our happy dance now :)

    I just tried the kitten cam and it works...I see a fluffy tummy, not sure who it belongs to, but it's so exciting ;) There goes the rest of my work day!

    As for Sophie's belly, it's floofalicously cute!

  7. Hoooraaah!! for gorgeous Paco, Teddy and Skippy!!! Awww - great news!!! Yay!!

    It's so lovely to see mum with her kitties!! Awwww the kitties are growing!!! Wonderful!

    Sophie - your tummy is adorable!! Take care

  8. I got to see LBC momma purring as she nursed them earlier today. Watching a cat purr is soothing, even with no sound!

    Lovely to hear and see good news!

  9. Thanks for sharing this awesome news! We are especially happy to hear Poco and Teddy are going together. :)



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