Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wally and 10 Questions

We've got a picture of Wally!!! This is the BOY! Oh, I like boys!! I can't wait to meet him! Joy and Jim told the woman that he is friendly, but a little shy, and just as soon as the folks at Rancho J2 can scoop him up, they'll call her. Then she'll take him straight to Doc Andrew and then he'll come here!!!

I'm a little bummed because then we have to have a quarantine, just like we had when I arrived. But with the glass doors, we'll be able to see him and he'll be able to see us, which is good. And then he'll become a responsible mancat and then, finally, I'll be able to meet him whisker to whisker! I like boys!! They like to play. Have I mentioned I like to play... a LOT?? I hope Wally likes to play!

Soooooo... while we're waiting, I asked Bitty and Peggy Sue and Annie to help me convince the woman to do the "get to know you" that Delelian sent to us. And she said yes!

Tomorrow, I'll show you how well Whiskey and Tango are doing over at Joy and Jim's!
Hugs'n'headbutts to everybody!

Hi folks, Lisa here. In December, just as I dropped out on hiatus, Deleilan complimented us by naming The Adventures as a blog she loves. (Thank you hon, I do feel humbled and honored.) As many of you know, I've always felt a bit awkward about accepting awards 'cause the critters are the stars of the show! And I've not really participated in them, even though I have truly appreciated the compliment of receiving them.

But, I've finally decided to go out of my comfort zone and start participating in "sharing" since I've enjoyed reading these on other blogs and getting to know folks better - heck, we spend a lot of time with one another and I like you guys!!

So that said, instead of naming others ('cause I love so many of your blogs), I will invite any of our readers to pick up the "I Love Your Blog" award and take it back to your blog to share with your friends! (Do a blog post answering the 10 questions, and invite 10 (or all!!) of your blog friends to keep the sharing going!)

1. Why did you create the blog?
Most of you know the story, but I'll tell it again. In 2007, co-workers found Bitty, a pregnant cat, on the grounds of Space Telescope Science Institute. Since I had room, I took her home and she had seven gorgeous kittens. Raising them was a joy and a privilege. Five went to folks at the 'tute and two to my niece and nephew (and, yes, I kept Bitty). Soon after, a friend found tiny little Neville in the grass at their house and we nursed him for several weeks. Sadly, Neville unexpectedly died in his sleep one night - we don't know why. That's how I "fell" into fostering. Danny G created graphic, which became the Space Paws logo, to commemorate the 15 critters for whom folks at the 'tute found forever homes in 2007 (that we know of - some folks at the 'tute have just been quietly "getting the job done" for years, with no fanfare).

Somewhere in here I discovered Laurie (Itty Bitty Kitty Committee) and Sue (Pitter Pats of Baby Cats) and started following their blogs.

In 2009 my co-worker, Sonia (who has been rescuing animals dumped on her farm for years), needed someone to help with a young momma cat she found - Aggie (now Kayla). At that point, I knew about the cat blogosphere and Sonia and I started The Adventures of Space Paws to help promote any critters folks at the 'tute had rescued and were trying to place. As I've mentioned before, I'm just the public face to Space Paws. Lots of folks at the 'tute are unsung, and surprisingly shy, heroes.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Well, my reading grew mostly from critter adoption blogs - and soon I started reading blogs of the wonderful folks who were active commenting on those blogs and Space Paws. It got kind of eclectic after that!

3. Favorite makeup brand?
LOL! None, when I can get away with it! The lovely Angie, from WeeFurries, is my Mary Kay rep - I like their mascara and ivy shadow (which I use as as liner).

4. Favorite clothing brand?
I really laughed when I read Deleilan's answers. I, too, loathe and despise trying on clothes. And, like her, I usually buy Hanes briefs!! Who would have guessed my Canadian friend and I had so much in common?

Lately I've gotten mail order from Lands End. I have zero sense of style and, back when I had to "dress" for work, a good friend would scope out great clothes and drag me along on shopping runs every so often! We didn't have the term "personal shopper" in those days, but I had one!! Lucky me! I looked good back then! (Thanks, Kim!!)

Fortunately, STScI is a very, very casual work environment and, for the last 10 years, I've been able to get away with sweaters and jeans and sneakers. I love Dr. Scholls socks for diabetics - no, I'm not diabetic, but these are the cushiest, most wonderful socks I've ever worn.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Moisturizers. I need them. I really, really need them. I've had good luck with Mary Kay, Moisture Tone, and Skin Preparations. Yep, I use all of them, depending on how my skin is feeling that day.

6. Your favorite color?
Yellow. Sadly, I can't wear it. But many of the rooms in my home are painted a golden, creamy yellow. I love bright yellow, red and blue - guess I'm just a latent parrot head!

Strangely, the colors that look best on me are bright fuchsia and olive green (who would have guessed, when yellow looks so awful on me). I'm not a fan of pink (no offense, Meg), but it definitely is "my" color, clothing wise, in all of its many shades. Now ask me how many pieces of pink clothing I have... 2. Dark colors comprise most of my wardrobe because I'm such a sloppahans. If something can be dropped or spilled, you can count on me to do it!

7. Your perfume?
I have a couple, but usually forget to put them on!! I've worn 4711 since I was a teenager and still love it today. Angie introduced me to Simply Cotton and I love that, too.

8. Your favorite film?
I do love movies but I'll 'fess up, both of my favorites are "B" films. I love them and make no apologies or rationalization. I can watch them again and again and again. The Enchanted Cottage is pure pap, and I feel uplifted and full of joy when I watch it. The other is Jumpin' Jack Flash. Yes, it's dated, and every time I watch it I laugh from deep in my belly. There are many "better" movies (and some worse, too! LOL!) that I love... but these are the ones I'd have with me on a dessert island.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
I'm with Deleilan on this, too! Visiting Scotland is high on my bucket list. Many of the same reasons - rugged countryside, self reliant residents with lovely accents, lottsa history and a sense of mystery. Plus my brother-in-law has been an athlete in Scottish Games for, oh, 30 years or more. He still enjoys competing, even though he's in his late 50s. Watching him lift the caber is a thing of beauty - the younger athletes may have the edge on strength now, but skill, he's got it.

Actually, a number of countries are on my bucket list, including seeing a lot more of the one I live in!! :-)

10. Make the last question and answer to yourself:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I may never figure that one out!! :-)


  1. How exciting about Wally!!! It's like adult Christmas, the wait for a new foster to arrive. When Dahlia and her newborns arrived at the shelter we had to wait 4 days so as to not stress her too much and risk rejection. The wait felt like weeks!

    -the Forever Foster mum.

  2. Wow!! Thanks for sharing these 10 things about Space Paws!! It's great to know how Space Paws started - and what a fab history of how this wonderful blog came about!! Brilliant!! Thank you!!

    Awww Wally! Beautiful Wally!!! He really is a stunner isn't he?

    take care

  3. It's lovely to see you up and running (your blog) again! Thanks for coming by mine to visit.

    That Wally looks like a real sweetheart -- and so handsome and floofy, too! I hope you get to meet him soon, Sophie!

    By the way, you and Bitty are on the LOLSpot today!

  4. Who would have thought we had so much in common, Lisa! :-)) Thanks for answering these questions!

    Oh, no wonder Sophie is excited about Wally - what a handsome young man!

  5. How wonderful to see sweet Wally and know that he's going to be the next Casa Space Paws foster...we're so excited :)

    Loved reading your 10 things :)

  6. WOW! That Wally is one handsome dude and I can't wait to see his progress and arrival. I really liked your list too!

  7. Yay for Wally! I'm excited to meet him :)

    Thanks for sharing a bit about you - it's nice to learn about the people behind the blogs.

  8. There's a new kitty coming, yea!!!

    (And I hear you on Jumping Jack Flash...that's one of our faves, too! Very quotable, that movie.)

  9. i feel so special, i made it into 3 of your 10 things!!

    sophie, i'm with you - i LOVE boys! i'm on the lookout for a brother for nephthys.



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