Saturday, March 5, 2011

Start the Weekend with a Smile!

Our friend Wendy welcomed the girls back to blogging yesterday with her wit and warmth! Thank you, hon! Everyone in the casa is smiling from ear to ear!! Go on over to the LOL Spot and soak up some great puns, and meet some stunning kittehs, to start your weekend off right!

Bitty's very wise to keep an extra tux on standby! It can double as an escort.

Sophie's ready to jump on any opportunity that comes her way! After all, you've got to act quickly before the window closes.

Tomorrow, we'll peek in on Whiskey and Tango!


  1. I saw you there, very cool indeed!

  2. Excellent! Enjoyed your LOLs. That Wendy is awesome.

  3. LOL!! Excellent LOL'd!!! Me and Charlie are smiling!!! :-)

    Take care



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