Friday, May 22, 2009

Previous Adventure-Bitty and Her Brood

As we find photos from previous adoptions, we'll work those stories into the blog. Maybe in more than one installment!

In 2007, the administrative division staff found a pregnant cat on the grounds of the Institute. Margie lured her near, Allisa scooped her up, Lisa took her home and we named her Bitty... 'cause she was just a little thing. Bitty had 7 bebes! Financial and moral support came from dozens of folks at the 'tute. And we found homes for everybody. Six went to STScI staff and two to relatives of staff! Here's the adoption poster we used:

The little darlings received superlative care under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Jendrek of the Carney Animal Hospital. Doc Andrew and his staff made sure we did right medically by Bitty's Brood so they'd be in tip top shape for adoption.

Doc Andrew and Brian check out Splotch, 8/30/07. (Splotch's furever name is the much more elegant Carinae - she's named after the nebula... yeah, we're all at least borderline geeks, even the admin staff.)

Checkin' Emmett's ticker. (Emmett's furever name is Frankenstein! And we hear he lives up to it!)

Oh, the indignity! Poor Dot! (Now to be known furever as Missy.)

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