Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Up Close and Personal with Poco

But first, this important PSA...

I'm keeping this at the top of each post until we know Little Bit's fate. Please go over to Brian's Home. Little Bit, a sweet SC lass, is urgently in need of a home. She's gone through traumatic surgery, is having problems recovering because of being caged, and now will be out of time at her shelter on Friday, 3/11. Spread the word, good folks... Tweet, FB, and repost... this little intertube community of ours has done amazing things. Let's pull one off for her! As our good Auntie would say, "LET'S ROCK THIS!"

Now, let's get up close and personal with the lovable Poco!

Details about Poco (he was the one she housed, says Kathy, so she knows more about him):

This guy has the cutest personality and he's routinely funny. He is around 1-year old, and has plenty of kitten curiosity but is also quite the diplomat with other animals and he seems to have a mature, watchful acceptance of new situations. He loves people and is curious about other pets and not overly shy nor overly aggressive. Very well-adjusted! I think he might do well in a house with other animals, including a dog.

He, like his brother, completely loves to be petted. He will close his eyes and purr loudly. When found, he loved being petted more than getting food -- and he was starving. A really neat thing about this guy is that he's easy to medicate! When found, he had many parasites, which needed various courses of antibiotics. I could just kneel down, put fingers lightly on the outside edges of his mouth, and pop a pill partway down his throat, as the technique is done. Not many cats will let you do that!

Funny stuff: One day he trotted into the room with an old sock toy of Ernie's (my now-deceased dog) in his mouth -- just like a dog! Also, when in the bathroom, you may see 'the claw' -- the arm extended under the door or to the side of the door. He is very playful! But he also settles down to nestle next to you on the couch and fall deeply asleep.

He was neutered and given all shots and vaccines and de-parasite treatments.

What a lover!! Tomorrow, we'll get a closer look at handsome Teddy!


  1. Poco is a sweet girl. (shouldn't she be Poca?) Glad you got some gourmet greens to plant, should be fun contest!

  2. So many sweet cats needing nice homes ~ I hope they all find a new family!
    xo Catherine

  3. Poco is adorable and we're have our purrs on for him! Little Bit is safe and is moving to a foster home for a while, I'll update when I have more details. Thanks for posting about her!!!

  4. I am so in love with Poco. I wish my dog Kelly would let me have cats!

  5. Poco does look like a really sweet cat. He should be able to get a new forever home with a cute face like that. Gosh and able to give him pills. That sure is a very good trait to have in a cat. Purrs and prayers he will get a forever home real soon.


  6. Poco is adorable! He sounds like a total sweetie.

    I love your new background, btw :)

  7. What a sweetheart she is. We will purr for her.

  8. Poco sounds absolutely adorable! Love love love that face :)



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