Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates and Getting to Know Teddy

We have updates and news!!

Frankie's Mom reports that Mittens and her family have found homes!!! That's right, all four of them now have loving furever families!! What great news! An update, with pictures (still heartbreaking, but better) are on the BARCS site. And Judy wanted to be sure we thanked everyone for reposting, tweeting, emailing and for all the contributions to the Franky fund for injured animals you made in honor of Mittens.

Brian reports that Little Bit (see last post) is in a new foster home and no longer in danger of being euthanized! His post gives more details. Again, thank you everyone for the reposting, tweets and emails that helped to make this rescue possible! (Have I mentioned that YOU GUYS ROCK!?) Please, go say thanks to new foster mom, Marge!

Our friend, Bethany, at Capital Animals has become the coordinator for Meow Mixers at the Washington Humane Society. The first mixer will be on 4/17 so, if you live in or around DC, and are free that evening, consider popping over and showing your support!

Pop on over to Brian's, if you haven't been there today - he's introducing us to Bufano, a sweet CH puppy, who needs a foster home geared to special needs.

Now, on to meet Mr. Teddy AnnaMaeson

Anna Mae is Kathy's neighbor and she took Teddy since both households were about full up. Kathy reports:

Teddy is Poco's brother, also around 1-yr old. (We know they are brothers by their markings and their similar behavior.) He was discovered outside a little after Poco because Teddy is slightly more shy. He is the dearest, sweetest thing. My neighbor named him Teddy because he is very much like a teddy bear. Like Poco, he loves, loves, loves to be petted and went for the loving hand before food when he was living outside in December and very cold and hungry.

For awhile, he had emergency shelter in an igloo on my deck. When I could logistically bring him inside, I'd get down on the kitchen floor and he'd flop over on the floor next to me, happy as a clam to be petted and snuggled, if only for a moment. He loves people and is very appreciative for what he is given. I think Teddy could do well as an only-cat, or with other cats. For awhile, when competing with his brother for resources outside, I saw that he was the under-cat. I saw that other cats were aggressive towards him. So that gave him a special place in my heart. After he was given love and food for awhile, he became more self-confident.

He was neutered and given all shots and vaccines and de-parasite treatments.

Kathy and Anna Mae will be sending us a few more pics and updates soon, we hope.

And Sophie still waits.
Wally, wherefore art thou?


  1. hj good day

    wellcome to blog of me :

  2. Teddy is adorable just like his brother. I will be purring for you sweet boys. It sure is nice to be able to report good news!

  3. Awwww ... Teddy is gorjuss! We too will be purring for yoor sweet boys.

  4. Aw, thank you :)
    And yay for all the homes (foster and forever) that were found! Impressive work!

    Hopefully Sophie stays patient in her wait for Wally...

  5. That was a great good news update! :)

    We think Teddy is very handsome, and we are purring and praying for him and his brofur.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness during Maggie's illness, and then when she had to run off to the Bridge. The poem was especially brilliant. We are grateful for your friendship.

    (((Purrs and hugs)))

  6. Oh I am sooo happy about Little Bit and all the other good news here...AND I LOVE THE NEW COLORS/FORMAT !!!!!!

    Hugs and headbutts from H Town

    Aunty Pol

  7. Thank you, Aunty! I thought it suited us a bit better, myself!

  8. Teddy is such a gorgeous kitty!

  9. If you don't stop looking at me with those beautiful green eyes, Teddy, I won't be able to resist!

  10. Teddy sounds like such a sweet little lovebug. With a personality like that, I'm sure he will find a wonderful home.

    Sophie has the cutest little face - something about her reminds me a bit of Melly. Is she also completely incorrigible?

  11. Teddy, you are so handsome. We love tabbys a lot here. We have three of them here.
    Thanks so much for getting the word out about Little Bit. She is still hiding under the bed, the poor thing. So she will be staying here for a little while. She needs to learn what it is like to have a person in her life. I would hate to send her to another home right now and then the people don't like her cause she hides and then send her back to a shelter or something.

  12. Teddy and Poco just sound like absolute wonderful that they are safe and warm and well cared for now...yay for rescuing kitties and giving them a chance for a happy life :)

  13. Oh, and I forgot to happy for sweet Mittens and her brings tears to my eyes when I think of everything she went through but thank goodness she has her very own forever home now...



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