Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Need to Do a Better Job in Our Own Back Yard!!

Before you go to our regularly scheduled self-chastisement post, please go over to Brian's Home. Little Bit, a sweet SC lass, is urgently in need of a home. She's gone through traumatic surgery, is having problems recovering because of being caged, and now will be out of time at her shelter on Friday, 3/11. Spread the word, good folks... Tweet, FB, and repost... this little intertube community of ours has done amazing things. Let's pull one off for her! As our good Auntie would say, "LET'S ROCK THIS!"

Aaack!! Remember I've mentioned that lots of folks around the 'tute have been finding, fostering and homing critters on their own for years, with little fanfare?!! Well, turns out we could have been helping one of them for a couple of months now... only they didn't realize that ANY member of STScI is welcome to promote their foster on the blog! How did I let that happen?!!!! Aaaack! [Danny, I'm so sorry I didn't get that article done for the Scope (our internal rag) now! I will be getting on it ASAP!]

Over the next two days, we'll introduce you to two young mancats, Teddy and Poco, that one of our STScI colleagues is working with closely to find homes.

Here's the story:

This winter, Kathy and her neighbor sheltered a pair of stray brothers (they're pretty sure they're brothers... they do kinda look alike, appear to be the same age, and showed up together) who were hungry and freezing, even though their homes were pretty much full up. They gave the boys the usual medical workups and lotsa TLC to get them ready to find furever homes.

Sadly, an illness in Kathy's family is now requiring her to frequently travel out of town and doesn't leave her with enough time to work with her new charge, Poco. In the hopes of perhaps even being able to have the brothers adopted together, they got in touch with the MD SPCA to help. Poco and Teddy had their first public meet'n'greet on Saturday. When I saw the sign she posted, I called and Kathy and offered to put them on the blog... and found out she hadn't realized she could have been using us all along!

We'll give Poco his own write up tomorrow and give Teddy his on Wednesday.

And poor Sophie is still waiting...
But we have some good news. Wally came to Rancho J2 for a visit, soaked, on Sunday night around 11 pm. He let Joy feed him a can of food and even reach out and brush him!! This is a great sign!! We're getting closer to getting him in that carrier and on his way to the Casa for sure!! The waiting for him to trust enough is soooo hard! We'd rather let him get comfy enough to scoop up than use a trap, if possible.

So see you tomorrow for brother #1. And I think we're going to get a visit with alumni Trudy and Lawrie soon, too!!


  1. I hope Poco and Teddy find a forever home soon! They have such sweet stripy faces.

  2. We are sending purrs for all the kits hoo need noo homes. Efurry cat should be loved and wanted furever. PURRS.

  3. Teddy and Poco are adorable and hooray for Wally! Thanks for the shout out on Little Bit, I appreciate it!

  4. I posted it honey...Let's rock this mutha one more time for Little Bit.

    Hugs to all

    AUnty Pol

  5. Orange kitty's eyes just about break my heart. I am thinking any family would be lucky to have this little sweetie!

    xo Catherine

  6. I'm sending this to my cat-loving friends, they are sure to love these kitties. Unfortunately, my dog Kelly is not agreeable to sharing her home with a c-a-t.

  7. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Teddy and Poco...sweet little kitties! Yay for Wally feeling more comfortable with Joy!



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