Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Fer Tuesday

There's lots of catching up to do since the woman hasn't blogged for a while. *Sigh* A kitten's work is never done! Here's a shot of Bitty on the table and me on MY cat tree (the other girls need to get their own - this is MINE!) on a sunny Saturday in January.

All of us like the new white furniture. It came on December 23rd. The woman said it was her Christmas present but that's baloney! I AM HER CHRISTMAS PRESENT... which means I get lotsa presents every year 'cause that's going to be my gottcha day. But she can't send these back, either, 'cause they coordinate with our furs!!

The kitchen/dining room is where the guest bedroom/den suite used to be. She says the kitchen/dining room is "open plan" but I just say it's FINALLY big enough for us. We don't miss the wall in between at all.

We banished the computer to the extra bedroom upstairs... heehee. Now the lady has more time for us because she likes the downstairs better. She says we can still use the "suite" for fosters because the old French doors are now pocket doors - see the dark strip between the rooms? That pulls out and there's one on the other side, too. Mr. Gary made the wood parts of the new doors the same color as the new floors and there's lots of windows in each one so we can see our new guests when they come. (Hurry up, other lady at the space place, I CAN'T WAIT!!)

We like the new floors!! They're shiny and we can SLIDE really good on them. We like playing with the red dot on them and we can run from the kitchen, through the dining room, into the living room and up the cat tree - much better than the old rooms. The woman said it cost less to put in new floors than refinish the old, so we put the old one on the intertubes so young folks, who had more time than money, could refinish them for their house.

We can slide on the new table, too. It is painted and when I ran in from the kitchen and jumped up the first time, I just kept going, and going and GOING and went right off of the other side! The woman laughed and I did, too. I just did it again! Did I tell you I like to play?

The woman says we'll take a video of the remodeled Casa when it's sunny and the house is clean at the same time. *sigh* You know what that means! It could be FOREVER before you see it!

Tomorrow I have a picture of my best friend, Peggy Sue, and me!
See you then!

Oh, and PS - Frankie's mom went to the shelter last week and she says Mittens is doing well - a vet is fostering her (how great is that??!) and she still loves people. I'm not sure I would, but everybody at the Casa is very, very happy for her! Thank you everybody who signed the petition and sent green papers and reposted and everything... it means a lot!


  1. The remodeled, re-furnished house looks fantastic! So sunny and bright, and the floors are beautiful. The perfectly coordinated kitties are, of course, also gorgeous.

  2. The casa looks lovely and coordinates so well with the kitties... As you intended, no doubt lol.

    Glad to hear that Mittens is healing and still loves people. What a relief.

  3. Everything looks so fresh and bright and airy--just gorgeous. The mom is looking forward to seeing a video of the casa...eventually. :-P

    Very good news re: Mittens!

  4. You've sure been busy around there...nap time!

  5. hi Sophie! We are so behind too! We understand about getting caught up. It is good that the remodel is done - it looks great! And we think the white furniture is great because it goes with at least part of your furs perfectly, but you can also leave your black furs so they know you were there!

  6. Every home should be colour-coordinated with its permanent residents! (I definitely need more orange in my decor...)

  7. Yay, glad you're back! And the casa looks great.

  8. That is a lovely photo! Both the kittehs and the room look great! And everybody here is glad to see you back to posting, too. :-)

  9. Hi, nice to meet you! I love the colors of the room, very crisp with pretty blue accents. You look right in place there on the table, kind of feng shui going on. lol.

  10. Love the new additions- furry and not.

  11. The remodeled Casa sounds fabulous :) Can't wait to see more photos!

    So glad to hear the update on Mittens...she sounds so incredibly sweet...poor little girl, having been through so much and still trusting and loving humans...she is an angel kitty indeed!

  12. Yay you're back! YAYAYAY!!

  13. http://adfdfbca.mail15.su/sitemap.html



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