Monday, February 28, 2011

In the Last Half Hour of the Last Day...

Well, hello there! Sophie here!

The girls and I have been doing everything we know how to to get the lady to take pictures of us and start blogging again... belly up and everything... but she just keeps running in and out of the house and IGNORING us! So I have taken matters into my own paws.

I guess you've heard by now I'm a permanent resident here at Casa Space Paws. Yeah, well, like the lady really had any choice in the matter. Not. I knew she was a gonner as soon as the Winnie cat decided I was OK. (I miss the Winnie cat. She was a great pillow and she licked my head a lot.)

Anyhow, I heard that the woman told you she'd start blogging again by the end of the month and I'm not going to let her be a liar. There's still a half hour left in today.

Guess what???? I heard the woman telling somebody she's ready to start fostering again and that some other lady at that space place is trying to get a BOY to come stay with us! Woohoo! I like boys! The girls are nice and everything but boys play more and I love to play. I love to play so much the girls sometimes get tired and then they hiss me off. That's OK, I just play some more. This boy probably had a family once, because I hear he's friendly, but the family must have lost him or something because he's a BIG boy, if you know what I mean.

So, we don't know how soon this will be, but the girls and I are going to see if we can at least get the lady to put up pictures of our gorgeous selves and sit on her lap every day so she gets out there and visits again! I promise!



  1. You are so pretty, Miss Sophie! Yes, please keep us all up on the happenings there until your human can make it back to a calm place again. Good luck with your new roomie...I hope you both get to play a lot! Hugs and purrs to everyone, including your human!

  2. Hiya Sophie! We always thought you were a keeper :)

  3. Hello there lovely Sophie!! Yay for starting your mum's blog off before the month is over!!!

    Awwwww me and Charlie are so happy that you are settling in nicely over at Cassa Space Paws!! Yay!!

    Oooh a new foster brofur will be such fun!! Take care

  4. Gorgeous Sophie, you look purrfectly at home there.

    We're very excited that you might have a new brother, even temporarily, to play with! If he doesn't work out, we'll come and play with you!

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. Hooray ~ you're back! And perhaps another new kitty on the way ~ well that's always enjoyable!

    You look like one happy and well loved kitty Sophie.

    Happy March!
    xo Catherine

  6. Hi Sophie - I'd invite you over to play with my foster Clementine, except - now, listen carefully, and try to understand this strange thought - she doesn't like other cats. Is that weird or what???

  7. Hurray, Sophie! You are such a beautiful girl; I'm glad to see you're a permanent resident of Casa Space Paws. Tell your human that her faithful readers are looking forward to tales about more fosters. Say, maybe since she's so busy, she would let you take over blogging duties? Just a thought....

  8. Glad to see you are being so helpful, Sophie!

  9. Hi happy that you're staying at Casa Space Paws :) Three cheers for happily ever after stories :) Tell your Mama that we all miss her and we're glad to hear that she's going to start blogging again...thank you for giving her lots of photo ops (belly shots are the best) for your new foster brother...woo having a boy in the house will be lots of fun :) Give your Mama a hug from us!

  10. Nice to see you're right where you were meant to be!

  11. Cagney and WebbthistleMarch 1, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    Yay! Hi Sophie - I am so happy that you are settled in your forever home - somehow I thought this would be the way it would work! You're not the only one missing sweet Winnie, so be sure to give your Mom lots of hugs and purrs, ok? And I hope you haf fun wif your foster brother. Please keep posting and letting us see more pixs and vids. I don't know what is wif dez humans that dey don't fink blogging is the most important fing dey could do every day. Hugs to you!
    (and ok, her Mom Webbthistle, too)

  12. Hello darling girl,

    I'm your Aunty Pol and I am so happy to meet a lovely young lady such as yourself.I hope that you do get a bubbie ( little brother ) and if you don't mind..give your Momma a head butt from me and tell her Aunty Pol misses her.

    Waving from Houston

  13. Well hello there, lovely Sophie! It's lovely to see you again, and I'm so glad that you're settled into your forever home!



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