Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We get questions!

From the comments section yesterday:

Frankie wants to know if Victor's name was Victor when he was Frankie's big brother (weren't they all Frankie's big siblings - he was the runt?)? We want to update our baby album and, yes ma'am, we have one. ~Judy

Yes, Victor was Victor from the very beginning. Shelly used to stop by and keep Bitty company in the last days of her confinement so she knew the little guy from the time he was a bump in his mommy's belly. OK, one of many bumps, but still. Anyway, she named him and she was doomed... everyone knows how that goes. Name 'em and they're yours!

No, Frankie (or Emmett, as he was known then) wasn't quite the runt. He was the smallest of the boys, but tiny little Missy (then Dot) was the smallest. Frankie was, however, the last to be born - #7 of 7. I know you've seen this before, but it's one of my favorite pics, so here's a reprise... the two smallest of Bitty's kittens in just the cutest pic. Frankie giving Missy a kiss goodnight:

Now, we just love the idea of baby albums for our furkids here at Space Paws, so we'll take this opportunity to help you chock yours up, Judy! Hope these are some you don't already have!

06/30/07 Frankie is just a bump in Bitty's belly. She was so small... all babies!

07/07/07 Frankie's Birth Day! From the left: A triplet (Ash, Moe or Draco), Frankie, Triplet, Triplet, Victor, Missy and Carena.

7/14/07 Frankie is a week old and his eyes aren't even open when he sits (or rather, won't sit still) for his first portrait.

7/14/07 Frankie in his favorite corner. I worried about him sometimes, but he loved it.

07/14/07 Frankie the contortionist in a kitten pile with his sibs. Clockwise from the top, Carena, Ash, Missy, Victor and Frankie.

07/25/07 Frankie in portrait session #2, with his eyes wide open. He still won't sit still.

07/25/07 The family napping. Top row: Bitty, Carena, Victor, Frankie and Missy. Bottom: Body parts of Ash, Draco and/or Moe (it's hard to tell them apart unless you can see the faces!)

07/29/07 Frankie and mommy.

07/29/07 Frankie prepares to take his first steps into the world outside the box. If only mommy and his sibs would move!

08/15/07 Frankie in the hole. His favorite place to play at this age.

08/15/07 Frankie desperately trying to get out of the hole now that Carena and Ash/Draco/Moe (no face, I can't tell!) have arrived.

08/29/07 Frankie on top of things.

08/30/07 Frankie's first shot. The indignity!

08/30/07 Frankie's in good hands with Doc Andrew.

08/31/07 Frankie's last portrait and last day at Space Paws.

'Cause then he went to Judy!! (OK, you caught me, the pic was taken 08/16/07 during the meet'n''greet, but I wanted to end with Frankie going to his new mom!)


  1. Awww he was a cutie!

    If his mum is reading this - Can we have some grown up pics too - I'm sure he's a handsome young mancat!!

  2. Lovely lovely story and photos! I love the little cow kitties hehe

  3. Jeez, Lisa! I was going to comment on a photo or two, but then I wanted to comment on them all. What a lovely series of cow kitties. And beautiful photography, I must say. Sir Frankie is a stunner.

  4. Yep, I agree, now Frankie's mom owes us a pick of him as grown up gentlecat.

    Funny that all of Bitty's brood look so much like her, "cow-kitties" indeed. :-)

  5. omG those pics of frankie kissing missy and laying with bitty are TOO MUCH!!!

  6. That was a totally wonderful Frankie post!

  7. Ohmygoodness ohmygoodness! Bitty looks absolutely jam packed!! What a beautiful litter. And the photo of mama and baby nose to nose, my goodness.

    This post is magic.

  8. Oh, Frankie's baby pictures was the perfect start to my day...*melt*...what a cute little baby boy...thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face :)

  9. Frankie is very embarrassed from all the nice comments (actually he's his usual conceited self). Frankie is a real sweetheart in temperament and he is extra special because Frankie has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He has his own cardiologist and he is quite snooty about all the attention. We have sent Space Paws one of our favorite pictures of a grown up Frankie which I'm sure you will be seeing soon.

  10. PS - Thank you so much for posting these pictures as I did not have most of them. I am so glad to put a face to Victor so we can tag the album too! What a lot of cheesecake!

  11. Oh what adorable pictures those are!! Frankie was such a cute little guy!!

  12. Over-the-shoulder peeking!! Our kitties are now wondering why I'm making squeeing noises :)



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