Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You are simply the best!

Thank you so much, to everyone who stopped by or emailed and to everyone who honored Winnie on their blogs. Losing Win hit me so much harder than I ever expected - and I expected it to be rough. Your thoughtful words made me smile through the tears. Our little community never ceases to amaze me with your caring and your love. I am still responding to the many emails that were sent to us, too. Unfortunately, I get kind of emotional so the going is slow... and I want you to know I've read and cherish each one, even if I haven't responded yet.

The girls and I are trying to get back to a regular routine. I hosted our family's Thanksgiving, and that alone kept me busy (in a good way) for days. And turkey anticipation was a welcome respite for the ladies, who have also felt the kitteh size hole that Win's departure has left in our lives. The auditors left yesterday at work, and I am hoping to get back to regular posting and visiting soon. I have missed you all, so very much.

All my love,

Thank you to Jan and the CB for this lovely photo:


  1. oh Lisa, I am so sorry! I just read about Winnie today. Please accept my late condolences.

    many hugs and purrs,
    Marlene, 9 and Chani

  2. We are so very sorry to read the news about Winnie. She sounded like a truly glorious ladycat. We are sending our biggest purrs and lots of love.

  3. (((Hugs))) and Light. We have Winnie's graphic on our Furriends at the Bridge page, hope that's okay.

  4. Lots of purrs and great big hugs to you.

  5. Oh Lisa, I'm so so sorry...I just popped in to see if there were any new postings and saw that I'd missed your last post about Winnie...and the tears are still flowing...your sweet Winnie always had a special place in my heart...I know that she was the grand matriarch of Casa Space Paws and the heart of your sweet family...the boys and I are sending you lots and lots of hugs and purrs and love, and we know that over by the Rainbow Bridge, Poppy ran over to greet Winnie and our grand old ladies are purring in the sunshine and free of pain and suffering...

  6. We are still sad abowt Winnie. ((((hugs)))) and purrs.

  7. Emotions run high after a loss. We hope her hole in your heart will soon be filled with more smiles and laughter than tears.

  8. What a wonderful picture of Winnie.

    Love and hugs baby girl, love and hugs


  9. I remember how hard it was when Floyd left - I know we all go through these things differently but I know what you mean about the reading the emails and crying. I still get that way. And I am so sad that Winnie had to leave you - but you gave her a wonderful, loving life and that is something to be cherished.

  10. We're still sad about Winnie, and are still purring and praying for you. (((hugs)))

  11. Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost touch with you for awhile, and didn't know about Winnie until now.

    She was such a precious girl and together you brought so much to each others' lives.

    You gave her a wonderful life and the best passing possible. No kitty could ask for more.

    My thoughts are with you during your time of grief. Winnie's free, but you still carry the burden of her absence. Listen for her, though, and I'm sure you'll hear her around you now and then.



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