Friday, September 10, 2010

They're Baaaack! And Beverly and Sonia Rescue Big Justice!

Sophie, Trudy and Lawrie are now all responsible man and lady cats! I picked up the younguns this morning and they've been chilling out ever since. As soon as I laid down for my nap this am, the kittens glommed up on me (a very nice feeling but guilt inducing, too, as that level of clinging probably means they were scared by their adventure yesterday). By the time the afternoon nap rolled around, they were back to their normal, feet-attacking selves.

So everyone is doing well. Late this afternoon, they came downstairs for the first time. As soon as my back was turned, Trudy was up in the cat tree! (They're supposed to stay calm and not jump... ha!) Here's a little video of the gang and a couple of stills as well. It's good to have them home!!

Buds Sophie and Lawrie chill together. These two have become fast friends.
Naughty Trudy headed right for the high ground. (Yes, that's a track thingy sitting on top of the cat tree. Hey! We're crowded around here right now! LOL!)
Grandma Winnie keeps a watchful eye on the recovery ward from the desk.

Welcome Justice to Space Paws and keep your paws crossed for his recovery!

Space Paws has another foster - Sonia took in Justice, a 12 year old, who had been scheduled for euthanasia this morning because he had begun growling, swiping at people and eliminating outside of his pan. Co-worker Beverly found out about his impending fate yesterday and went to Sonia (Bev wrote to me yesterday morning, but when I didn't get the email right away, she wisely sought out Sonia).

Sonia readily agreed to try to help Justice. Beverly picked him up this morning and took him to a vet near her... and, sure enough, he had a UTI. If the condition has been chronic, that would explain all the behaviors. So, he's had his first shot of antibiotic and Sonia has tucked him in her intensive care unit for critters (her big crate). The big guy is decidedly not a happy camper right now... understandably so - he's been uncomfortable for who knows how long, got snatched away from his home of 12 years, been poked, prodded, forced to urinate, shot and schlepped to an unfamiliar place. And, to add insult to injury, he now has to get used to new food, too!

I'll post pictures and more info as soon as I've got it. Sonia is pretty busy so it may be a few days! Beverly and Sonia, you rock!


  1. I'm very happy to hear that the little ones are doing so good and a big hooray for saving Justice! It's nice when Justice wins!

  2. That video is absolutely adorable! There's something so relaxing about watching cats groom each other, isn't there?
    Many hugs to Sonia and Bev for their 11th-hour rescue of poor Justice. I can't wait to see him!

  3. Thank goodness for you for poor Justice! I hope he realizes he's in good hands.

    Sophie and Lawrie are adorable. Have they bonded?

    Miss Trudy is a daredevil. Love those daredevil girls.

    hugs and purrs to you all!

  4. OK..My initial reaction was why in the name of Bast didn't Justice get tested for a UTI ? This makes me uber pissed..but in all fairness I wasn't know hoiw I am gal...I am just sooo happy that he is attended to by the right people.

    Climbing off the soapbox now.

    Love ot all


  5. So nice to see the kitties relaxing and washing. Yay that Justice is getting the treatment he needs, and will gradually adjust to a better life. Mine did and I'm sure he will too.

  6. Great news about Sophie, Trudie and Lawrie!! Glad they're ok - and what a sweet clip of Lawrie grooming Sophie! Awwww!! Love that Trudy is up on the cat tree! :-) Big purrs to them all!

    Awww poor Justice!! Why didn't anyone where he was take him to the vets instead of marking him down for euthanasia?!?! Kitties act out because there's somethig wrong always not because they like to!! Poor Justice!

    Thank you Beverly for taking him to Sonia! Thank goodness for kind souls like all of you for giving Justice a lifeline!

    Take care

  7. Brian is right - nice when Justice wins. Didn't they think to check on any of this * sigh * The kitties are just so lovely.



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