Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Trudy AND Lawrie AND Sophie's Gottcha Day!!

Woohoo!!! Our little trio found homes today! Squeeeeeee!!!!

So the back story first! I got to know Doc Linda through our wonderful Doc Andrew. Linda does rescue work, too. She's how I came to meet Carol and get Tony and Sophie. Anyway, the good Doc has a friend, a responsible young man named Ricky, who was ready to be a dad... in fact he wanted two cats so they'd be company for each other.

You may remember that I was going to have the younguns snipped a couple of weeks ago but then Grey's illness put a kibosh on the original plan (they were to have been done the week Grey got sick, but Doc A suggested I put it off since I'd have my hands full). Linda and I stayed in touch and Ricky waited patiently!

Just about noon, Doc Linda and Ricky arrived to meet the kittens. It was so nice to finally meet Linda! We had only worked over the phone prior to today!

Oh, my gosh! the boys bonded immediately! Lawrie flopped right over in Ricky's lap and started purrin' and playin'! Ok, that one was easy. Next we introduced the girls... no contest. Trudy was relaxed and blissed out right on his lap. Not that Sophie wasn't polite, but you know how it is - the cat chooses the person.

Ricky just had the biggest grin on his face the whole time and it was clear our little duo liked him a lot. Oh, and did I mention Winnie came over to give Ricky her seal of approval, too?

Let me introduce the new family. (Sorry, with the place so squished up from construction, we didn't have a lot of photo possibilities!! All in the same place - almost the same pose! LOL!)

Lawrie batting around with Ricky.

The boys hit it off in a New York minute.

Trudy simply blissed out in Ricky's lap. Here's the good Doc feeding the bliss. :-) (This is one of the few times I caught Ricky without a grin on his face but couldn't pass up the pic 'cause it captured Trudy so well!)

Trudy moving for better pet position with her new Dad!

You would have been really proud of me folks, only one teeny choked up minute (well come on, you know how attached I am to Trudy). It wasn't hard to let go 'cause Ricky is a natural cat person.

So off they went, and I waved good bye, knowing my perky pair was in great hands.

A couple of hours later, I got a call. It was Ricky. He had tucked T&L into their new room and given them some TLC. After they got settled, he needed to run out for a minute to stop by his best friend's house. And, of course, when he got there, he shared his good news. Lo and behold, his best friend's mom, Valerie, had been thinking about adopting! He had told her how sweet Sophie was and called to ask if they could come by to see her (they all live just minutes away).

Little Sophie is a bit shy, but after just a few minutes, she cuddled up to Valerie and started purring. And I do mean purring. And cuddling. We visited for a while and Sophie showed no signs of wanting to move from her comfy position with her new friend. Valerie said she'd like to fill out an application and Ricky took Sophie who... well, just look...

Who is totally relaxed? And see that tail???? No, not Sophie's, the other one...

While the shot isn't too good, you can see Bitty came over and proceeded to love up on Ricky, too! Do you think we may have the next cat whisperer here?

Ricky told Valerie that if she wanted to adopt today, he'd do a run with her to the pet store to pick up all the necessaries. I swear folks, I didn't have a minute's hesitation. Just like with Ricky, the kittehs know who is going to be good with them! And Valerie and Ricky both have invited me to come by any time to visit since we live so close.

Sophie knows a lovin' mom when she meets one, don't you think?

You know, sometimes life just works out so well. If I had to get sick, being able to spend so much time with the kittens before they departed sure was the silver lining. And friends who have friends... how much better does it get?

Ricky and Valerie, thank you sooooo much for coming into our babies lives!! I just know they're going to be loved and I can guarantee, they're going to love you!!


  1. Wow! OMC, I'm so happy for everyone, kitty and human! It's rare that the Universe lines things up like this, bam! LOL. Just purrfect! :-)

  2. Oh, what a sweet post! Good things do come in threes, don't they?
    Ricky certainly seems to have a gift with kitties. A future foster dad, perhaps?
    I adore the photos of Sophie with her new mom.

  3. Happy Adoptee and Adopter Day to all. What a great day there. Aside from the tears good-bye, you must be floating on air.

  4. Wonderful news....Ricky indeed looks to be another cat whisperer! Lucky Trudy and Lawrie! And Valerie and Sophie already look like they have known and loved one another for years! What great gotcha day stories! Glad that you were able to spend quality time with these lovely kitties over the past week before they found their forever homes!

  5. Aww, that's wonderful. It's so nice to see a young man who knows how to love animals. I hope Ricky and his babies are very happy. They certainly all look happy. It's funny how cats seem to know when their person has come for them.

  6. That makes me grin so big I can hardly stand it, hooray to the happy family!!!

  7. This is wonderful! So much happiness in those pictures, and I love that Ricky wanted two so they could have company. I wish him and Valerie much happiness with their new cats.

    Now, if we can just get my Peanuts boys adopted here in California. Cross those paws, everyone!

  8. Oh how wonderful!!! They all look so happy. Such warm fuzzies here in Cali for all your wonderful news :D

  9. That is SO amazing! I do think Ricky has some kitty magic going on. What a great adoption story!

  10. Blessings to the new Dad Ricky and Momma Valerie...this is the most wonderful news...My tribe is all purring for all y'all right now.


    Aunty Pol

  11. What wonderful news! Their new mom and dad are just purrfect ~ oh happy days!

  12. This is such a wonderful tale of two, err, three kitties choosing just the right people to love and be loved by. Congratulations to the new mom and dad! I'm just delighted for both of you.

  13. These photos are the best - and many many purrs to Ricky and Valerie for adopting Trudy, Lawrie, and Sophie! Wishing them all lots of happy years together.

  14. aww, this warms the cockles of mine furreh heart.

  15. Oh my goodness...I have happy tears in my eyes...such a wonderful day! Happy happy gotcha day for the three lovelies...and hugs to Ricky and Valerie and Doc Linda and of course our biggest hug for you, Lisa, for being such an awesome guardian angel for these babies :)

  16. i think ricky's magic is in his dimples. i can't get over them! and i do love me a good cat-loving man... and sophie is just too darn precious with her new mom!!

  17. Great photos and such happy adoption stories!

    ... so... when are you going to get some more?

  18. WOOHOO! That is such an amazing story, and such exciting and wonderful news. Congratulations to Trudy, Lawrie and Sophie on their new forever homes, and to Ricky and Valerie on their new best friends. :)

    Thank you for all that you do for our feline friends. We think you are awesome!

  19. I want to send a special thank you out to these adopters for adopting "grown" kittens as opposed to babies. So many people want the wee ones. Makes me extra happy!!

  20. this put SUCH a big smile on my face.


  21. What great news and the pics are soo sweet. Congrats to the new cat parents!

  22. Woohoo! I love how it all worked out. Happy Gotcha Day to everybody!!

  23. What a nice story! And what a cute dad! :)



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