Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Lonely At The Casa

Well, the youngsters needed to stay overnight at the vet. I dropped them off at 7:30 this morning but Doc Andrew had taken ill... so Doc Ed, his dad, slipped in the surgeries as he could. He didn't finish up until later in the afternoon. To be safe, he decided they should spend the night.

I haven't been feeling well (hmmmm.... is it going around??) and was home from work today. It was very strange not to have the kittens napping with me. Especially Trudy, who doubles as a mustard plaster... LOL! In fact, this evening is seems eerily quiet with only four cats in residence!! I have to cringe that when the call came in that the younguns weren't coming back, I thought, "Oh, good, I don't have to get dressed and go out!" Bad cat mama!

On the bright side, Peggy Sue had the bed all to herself (except for the big human, of course!) this afternoon and she seemed to enjoy that very much. I did fall asleep faster for my naps without the kittens attacking my feet (that's the ritual when I climb in). Annie, who rarely ventures downstairs, took up position under the recliner. Winnie checked out every one of my meals and sniffed the place wall to wall... I think she misses them, too. Or is she wondering, "Are they really gone??? Hooray!"

So off to bed I go soon... if napping was strange without them, I wonder what tucking in for the night will be like...


  1. Oh, I bet that is strange, it's just not the same!

  2. I'm sure it did feel weird - but hope the other cats enjoyed the added attention. It sounds like the kittens' surgeries all went well - hoping they are doing fine today.

  3. We hope yoo feel better soon. In the meantime a kitten-nap-pile is the best medication!

  4. Awww I hope you get better - I hope that the kitties are back with you now too!

    Have a great weekend!

    Take care

  5. It's true! Even when one of our kitties is missing, it's just not the same.

    We hope you feel better real soon. Purrs and prayers.

  6. I hope you feel 100% back to normal soon :) I totally know what you mean about the house feeling lonely even with all the other cats around...any time Bino spends the day at the vet, the house just feels so quiet, even though the other two are around...

    Sending hugs and purrs to all!

  7. Please take care of yourself. Lisa, so you can take care of the dear kitties, too. I hope all of you are feeling tip-top now, but use the weekend to kick back! Hugs to you!

  8. 1. I've been down with stomach crud all damn day

    2. You want me to send Andy out to you ..Sgt. Panda Pants is a very good taker care'r of 'er.



  9. Hope you're back to feeling like your usual self now! There IS something going around.



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