Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Pics Today but Justice News...

Sorry I'm behind, guys. Sonia sent this two days ago and I'm just getting it up!

Hi Bev and Lisa,

Justice is doing fine! He won't allow me to touch him yet.

After all he's been through with the pain of a urinary infection, needles, traveling and a whole new environment (not to mention getting him out of my the car at my farm, all the sounds he's never heard before as we walked to the door to my house). He heard a 150 pound barking dog, lots of kitties meowing and a big Mr. Peacock honking, it's very understandable that he's not feeling very safe. I can only imagine what was going through his head. I'm sure it had to be very terrifying.

He is eating all his tuna, with the antibiotic medication mixed up with it, very well [Sonia's solution to medicating him when he wouldn't let her touch him]. He is urinating in the litter box but has not had a bowel movement. J is still very quick with his claws. I have a very trustworthy pair of gloves that he can't get through. I'm hoping eventually he will just give up and let me pet him. It may take some time to gain his trust but I won't give up on him.

He's very handsome and his eyes are beautiful (I can tell he is scared and defensive and not mean through those big eyes). He appears to be a big ferocious mountain lion now (his growl is very deep) but soon he will be a lovable purring mountain lion. :-) My Mom and Kevin came down to my house last night. Mom sat down with Justice for a long time talking to him while I was outside doing my farm work. He was definitely less hissy and growly afterwards.

Lisa, I will take pics this week and we will take it from there.



  1. We are sure that with love and time Justice will settle down nicely and realise how lucky he is. We are sending BIG rumbly PURRS to help. Fanks for the update.

  2. We're sending purrs for Justice to feel comfortable soon. It sounds like he has a wonderful new home!

  3. Sometimes it just takes a while, but Justice will get there!

  4. I just know that Sonia's love and attention will reach Justice and he will settle in and let his inner lapcat shine through!

  5. From the mum:
    I am so glad that Justice is in a safe, kind place now. A few years ago Fui had a nasty run of utis, and my sooky big lovebug became a a grumpy, anxious, swatting angrycat. I can only imagine how uncomfortable they must be.I'm sending lots of love and light that he has a good recovery and starts to see that his luck has changed.
    I'm just catching up on recent posts. Congratulations on your wonderful run of adoptions!!

  6. Awwww me and Charlie hope that lovely Justice will soon settle down and be ok!! He is surrounded by so much love and lots of care!!
    We are sending him lost of purrs!

    Take care

  7. We are purring that Justice will soon relax and realize he's in a safe place with someone that loves him.



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