Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AALAPW - Two Fer Tuesday - Manny AND Wesley & L!!

Oh, boy!! A double feature today, folks!!! I blatantly stole the 2-fer idea from Chica, at Cats of Wildcat Woods, BEFORE I saw the post over at our friend, CCL kittykye's place!! I just knew it was meant to be. So today we have one "less adoptable" furry from Petfinder's AALAPW, Manny, and our precious Wesley and Elliott from our own little cat blogosphere, who are grown and ready for a new home!

Late to the party? Well it's not too late!!! Click on the AALAPW badge and go read about how you can help raise awareness and help find homes for "less than perfect" lovebugs around the country! LET'S ROCK THIS BOYS AND GIRLS!

Knine Rescue in Germantown MD is looking for a patient home for young Manny, who just needs some loving guidance to change habits he picked up 'cause he's been in an outdoor shelter for two years! Take a look at this young loverboy:

Considering this boy has been living in an outdoor kennel in a shelter environment for the past two years, Manny is one greatful guy. He is a bit shy at first, but his tail wags & he smiles as if to let you know that he WANTS to make friends. He is just tentative & unsure of a home environment.

Given time to explore, he does focus more on his person & LOVES attention.

He will need to be broken of marking, as most dogs living outside need. But he's a smart boy & willing to please. He'll probably do good with older kids that approach him calmly. Manny LOVES to be brushed (& will need to be brushed on a weekly basis as he sheds ALOT). His favorite "brusher" is a 7 year old dog savvey girl that volunteers with our rescue. He also walks nicely on the leash for her unless something spooks him, then he needs a stronger handler til he calms down. He's also dog friendly. Manny may even be ok with cats.

Manny says 'come meet me & make friends with me.' Won't you??????

Wesley And Elliot - All Grown Up and Ready for Homes!

JUST today kittykye put up a post to update us about her CH darlings, Wesley and L (now Elliot!). Their foster mom, Ann, sent pics and videos and everything!! Remember how you all pulled together to help find someone who could care for babies with Cerebellar Hypoplasia? Well the boys are healthy and strong and Ann has patiently helped them to learn to live happy and not let their disability hold them back. Can you believe how much they've grown??

Now can we help them find their furever homes????

RIP Sweet Sniffie

It's a sad day over at Friends Furever. Let the Furkidsmom know you are thinking of her and their family at this difficult time, won't you.

Sniffie, run free, honey! We'll see you sooner than you think!


  1. Will pass the word on - so glad the boys are doing better and hope to find a home for huggable Manny! We have a Mr Linky set up for AALAPW at our blog so stop by and add your link!

  2. We wish love and luck to those cuties needing anew home.

    We will miss Sniffie ~ it's a very sad day.

  3. Such beautiful little ones, they really are special and deserve love!

    I am quite sad about sweet Sniffie too.

  4. PS: We are doing a VERY special post next Monday (and it's all down to yoo!). We hope yoo will be able to pop over and see it.

  5. We're keeping our paws crossed they all get loving homes. FAZ

  6. You've been busy, Lisa!!! What impressive work you're doing here. Heading over right now to kittykye's to catch up on those darling boys ...



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