Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AALAPW - Another 2 Fer - AC & Dez and Beatrice

Today we're doing a "right in our own cyberspace backyard" entry for Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week. And we have two entries from folks you know.

AC & Dez
Remember AC & Dez, the beautiful girls Webbthistle fostered and for whom she found a home? Well, this has been a real rollercoaster day for all of them. Webbthistle wrote a mere 1 1/2 hours ago that AC & Dez's new mom felt they hadn't bonded and that she wanted to relinquish them. They were to be returned to the shelter. Webbthistle was heartbroken and so worried for these girls, who are "past prime adoptable age."

But just a few minutes ago I received this wonderful, email:

Wow! Sometimes miracles do happen.

I just (15 minutes after writing that last message to you ) heard from AC and Dez's adopter.....she was leaving her office and heading home to pick up AC and Dez to bring them to the shelter when she ran into a co-worker who volunteered at Tails High - one of the no-kill rescue organizations she had previously tried. The co-worker made a call, and the girls are heading to a new foster home even as I write this. The Tails High person felt confident that they will find a new home.

What a blessing! First prayer already answered! Now, for forever home(s) for these sweeties!!!!!


OK gang, time to crank up those purrayers again!! If AC & Dez's new foster mom is willing to share info an pics with us, we'll keep you posted and promote them here, too!!

A Home for Beatrice?

Even when it's not AALAPW, our little intertube community passes the word about cats in need of a good home. Here's a little gal that needs a specially gentle situation... follow this link and let Nico, the Poly Meezer, tell you all about her. Alasandra, who regularly passes the word about special critters in need, gave us the heads up about Nico's post!

That's the power of the intertubes... one tells another, who tells another! So many of us who visit are already fostering and helping as we can. So what about if today we each email JUST ONE person who we know is not yet plugged into the cyberspace adoption network and ask them to help spread the word, too... amazing things could happen! Believe it folks, WE CAN ROCK THIS!!


  1. AC & Dez look like GREAT kitties! They so deserve real homes! I posted about Beatrice on my Facebook page. I think she is gorgeous!

  2. Yay for AC and Dez!!!!! And Good luck to fabulous Beatrice - I hope she finds a forever home soon - she's a sweetie!

    Take care

  3. AC & Dez are so pretty and I will keep purring for them, and hey, that Beatrice is a looker, we'll be purring for her as well!

    I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

  4. Thanks for the purrrs for AC and Dez - Having cared for them for a month this summer, I can attest that they are sweet, undemanding kitties. AC is super-smart while Dez is quite laid back. They are just about 20 months old now. I would have adopted them if my circumstances had allowed. They shared a cage at the shelter, and now their last two homes, and I am sure they would be happy together, but equally certain they would be fine if adopted individually. Spread the word! Lisa can put you in touch with me if you have any questions.
    I'll be adding Beatrice to my purrr list, too!

  5. We're so glad to hear about AC and Dez (they are both beautiful!) And we read about the lovely Beatrice on Nico's blog - we are sending her many purrs!

  6. Oops, our silly human did not read your post carefully! We are very happy that AC and Dez have a foster home but are purring for them to find a wonderful forever home.

    Purrs from the Mishkat cats

  7. We're sorry that things didn't work out for AC and Dez in their first home, but we sure are glad they are in a safe place now. We are sending lots of purrs for them and Beatrice.

  8. We are so happy to hear that in a matter of 15 minutes, they found a new home!

  9. Miracles happen. Hopes and prayers for Beatrice. Off to the blog now....

  10. Just to be clear - AC and Dez are still looking for their forever homes. We are grateful that they now have a foster home and more time to find their forever families. I will be happy to answer any questions - just ask Lisa to put us in touch. Please keep spreading the word about them as well as Beatrice! Thanks!

  11. We wanted to stop by earlier, but our secretary claimed she was busy with "work"... We are SO happy that you included Beatrice in AALAPW week!!

    We sincerely hope that this generates interest & awareness about Beatrice - & all the kitties & puppies you're posting about!!!

    Paws (& fingers) crossed that all the animals in need find a loving home!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)



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