Monday, September 20, 2010

AALAPW - Sir Yardley and a Murph Update!

It's Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week. Many of our blog friends are participating and it's not too late for you to join in! Click on the badge in the sidebar and learn more about it. Posting, tweeting, FB and just plain old emailing friends can help spread the word!! In fact, encouraging friends to come on over and read the blogs is one of the best things you can do... 'cause these are often folks not yet plugged into the intertubes pet adoption community!! Come on guys, LET'S ROCK THIS!!

The next "LA" pet to be featured here at Space Paws is Sir Yardley, who is being fostered in Bowie, MD. He may have lost an eye to a cruel abuser, but not his spirit! Yardley is a young lab/hound mix, full of life and love to share with a special family.... you, perhaps??

Even if you can't take Yardley, you can help with a donation to his rescue group, MJs Animal Sanctuary. Even small donations can help the wonderful critters fostered there. Here's Yardley's story:

Whoever jabbed out Yardley's eye also hurt this poor boy's chances of adoption even more than we realized. Yardley has just been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus as a result of his eye/head injury. He is in the peak of health but his body does not concentrate his urine so he requires daily medication so he can remain housebroken (he is housebroken but sometimes is unable to control his urine without the medication).

Without the medication Yardley will be perfectly fine (as long as he has access to fresh water 24/7) but he may not be able to control his urine all the time. In light of this latest development, we are working harder than ever to change the course of fate for this amazing, beautiful, young dog - we will work closely with anyone interested in adopting Yardley to give him the chance his abuser has tried to take away. His medication is currently a twice a day pill that costs only about $16.00 per month. Please watch the video below to get an idea of just how awesome this boy is!
Yardley is believed to be a lab/hound mix, a beautiful red-brown and white, and he is missing his left eye due to a penetrating eye injury. Someone literally had to jab out this poor boy's eye as he had no other injuries. Extensive surgery has been performed and he has made a full recovery, but he will always be blind in the left eye. This has not deterred Yardley, though! He is sweet, affectionate and loving, and will do well in home with some room. He is great with female dogs and puppies. He probably will not do well with cats, though he has not been tested with them. He is excellent with his foster mom's two children (ages 4 and 11), and follows them around wanting to be with them always :) Yardley is about 2 years old, about 60 lbs., has been neutered and is up to date on all vaccines. He is housebroken but requires a simple medication to help him hold it due to the injury he suffered at the hands of his abuser. Yardley is a total love bug! He loves people and wants to be a family member. He is affectionate and loves belly rubs and to be petted. He enjoys chew toys and treats, and shows no food, toy, or treat aggression. Interested adopters or fosters please contact Application, references, vet reference, home visit and adoption application apply. There is no adoption fee for Yardley to an approved home
Is Sir Yardley the fur friend for you????

Murph Update!

Murph was our very own "Less Adoptable" pet, placed in record time thanks to YOUR efforts folks!! We heard from Pati yesterday!

Hi lisa!

we're doing well!!! we moved about a mile away to a bigger house and Murph is enjoying his retirement with a view of a golf course. he's still hanging in there, recently being perkier than before. i have to get some pictures up of him on flickr. we've gotten a few cute ones. Caroline (i know her as fiddle twist on ravelry) suggested that i make a blog for him, which i'm going to look into doing.

murph is still cranky towards the other cats, and keeps to himself in ian's room. he also sleeps on ian's pillow at night to make sure ian's head is warm.

i'll pass on the blog address when i get it going!

We can't wait Pati!!! :-)


  1. It breaks our hearts to think that beautiful animals like Yardley can be so cruely treated. It is all the more remarkable they yardley retains a loving personality ~ it is testament to what a lovely natured dog he is. We hope he finds a wonderful loving forever home.

  2. We are so glad that there are wonderful people out there who will help dogs and cats like Sir Yardley (which is SUCH a cool name!) and Murph. We are sending our purrs out for Sir Yardley to find the fabulous home he deserves.

  3. Sweet pup!!! I think this "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week" is a beautiful thing. These animals still have lots of love to give!

    Warm wishes for all the precious animals looking for a loving home!
    xo Catherine

  4. That sweet woofie Yardley deserves the purrfect forever home. Yardley is so full of love, you can just tell by looking at him! It was so nice to hear that Murph is enjoying his retirement, way to go Murph!!!

  5. We're sending many purrs to Sir Yardley in hopes for a wonderful forever home. We are very glad he was rescued by such kind people. He looks like such a lovely dog!

    And we're also sending many purrs to Pati and Murph - very happy to hear the update!

  6. Our Mommy said that we could comment..yeah for The Mr. Woofie Mr. Yardley getting a new forever home..we are going to donate this weeks TREATS !!! green papers for him.


    Andy Panda Pants, Gracie Marie, Munchkin, Loki, Xena and Boschka..aka Aunty Pol's Babies

  7. Yardely is a lovely pup - so sad he was a abused. Glad to hear Murph is doing well. Come by - we put up a Mr Linky for every day this week to spread the word on Less Adoptable Pets!

  8. Andy, Gracie Marie, Munchkin, Loki, Xena and Boschka, you are just the bestest!! Hugs from your cousins at the Casa, Winnie, Annie, Bitty and Peggy Sue

  9. Yeardly has such a beautiful face, so gentle appearing. I just can't understand why anyone would be so cruel to him. He would be welcome in my home, were I closer to him (and my husband tied up in the closet!).

  10. Oh poor Yardley - we can't believe that people are so evil and cruel. We hope he finds a wonderful forever home soon!

    And boy, we are behind - we had barely even heard about Murph, because of that, and he is already adopted. That is great news!

  11. Oh Sir Yardley is adorable...what a sad story but I have no doubt that he will find his "happily ever after" soon...we love all the "less adoptable" woofies and kitties...they are just the best!
    In celebration of AALEPW, the boys and I put up a post on our Flickr page to remind our friends how lovable the "less adoptables" can be!



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