Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toasty Tuesday

Over 100 today and two days more predicted just like it. Here Bitty is taking advantage of the new, kitteh friendly, window sills... trying to get as much of the breeze on that floofy belly as possible!! Maybe we should all take a page from our kitteh's play book and slow down on these hot summer days!

And here's another shot of Dez, courtesy of Webbthistle. Wow! Will you look at those eyes!! Do you know someone who should get lost in those beautiful golden orbs? Every day? If so, direct them, here!

Over at the Little Pink Blog
New foster mom, Meg will satisfy even the most kitten hungry among us with her coverage of the Peanuts!! This may be one of the best documented foster litters ever!! 10 posts since Saturday, wow!

Blast from the Past
So, do you remember Gus and Patrick, the remarkable young man who adopted him? Well, Patrick sent along "The Eye of Gus," celebrating his buddy!

PSA Corner
FL area readers, Your Daily Cute's office kitteh is in need of a home, won't you stop by and meet her? My Bitty was an Institute office kitteh, so I've got a special place in my heart for Little Meow!

Signing off with Good News
Don't you love the good news of people working together to make a difference. Pop over to Robin's blog to check out the rescue of a lost, geriatric feline traveler.


  1. Patrick, you rock!

    I loved to see how well Gus is doing - and that was a cool theme for the film, too.

  2. Bitty has the right idea! I wish my windowsill was large enough for me to lie down!

  3. Thanks for the newsy post. Stay cool out there!

  4. Oh my goodness ~ I hope you have air conditioning!!! Keep cool kitties! :)

    xo Catherine

  5. Yay for Gus updates! He won the kitty lotto when he went home with Patrick.

    Thanks for another shout-out! I'm having fun, and I keep thinking of new things to post about the Peanuts Gang. They're so danged cute!

  6. Looks like a purrfect spot for furs cooling!

  7. Wow what a great post! And the Gus update was just awesome!! It is great to know he is doing so well!!

  8. Wow! How good was it to see Patrick and Gus again! Gus definitely hit the lottery. Tell Bitty her equally floofilicious (sp?) son highly recommends a sink or bathtub for a good curl up on these nasty days.

  9. FYI - A friend rescued a Sphinx cat, around 5 yr old male, Baltimore Cty/City line #Maryland #cats @SantinaKitteh Pls pass word.

  10. It's good to see Gus again. I'm glad he found a good home. You can't even tell he was hurt. Thank you Patrick.

  11. Kayla & Zimmer have the advantage of the window unit A/C in my apartment, which is keeping the temperature reasonable in here. I, sadly, still have to leave the apartment and walk to the store, take the subway to work, etc. LOL. I still think they know something is up with the heat though, even if it's cool in here, because they're sleeping more than normal, all stretched out lengthwise...

  12. Gus has grown up so much! What a handsome boy. Thank you, Patrick.



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