Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweltering Wednesday

Ok, we're going to ignore this heat wave as best we can and plunge right into stuff that's come into the old inbox in the last couple of days.

Bitty's Daughter
Can you guess which one? Yep, the lovely black and white lady to the right. That's little Dot, all grown up into Missy!! Vickie sent this along with a note of thanks for her sweetie. Missy's buddy is a little lady rescued by another STScI staff member, Maria.

More News from Rancho J2
Joy and Jim have continued efforts to trap Whiskey and Tango's mom, Little Bit. As you may have remembered, she is a very, very crafty feral who has evaded trapping and raised her kids to be almost as street smart. Little Bit finally brought her current litter up to eat (Whiskey and Tango were her last litter). They are very wild and will take off at the flick of a curtain.
Joy and Jim aren't giving up, though. They successfully trapped, and are socializing, Whiskey and Tango. They're going to start mixing Feralstat into the food to prevent another pregnancy until they can get Little Bit and her brood safely inside. Not ideal, but better than another litter since Little Bit is so elusive.

And an appeal from reader, Dan-
The Grayson County Humane Society ( is basically full. Originally the shelter had an entire cat family plus four or five other kitties scheduled to PTS July 5. We've managed to stave that off by sponsoring most of those kitties, but all that really accomplished is putting some other cats under the gun. They really need to get some kitties fostered or adopted out ASAP. The Adventured of Me ( has all the information in a couple posts.

The shelter is in central Kentucky, is all volunteer run, and they say they try mightily not to kill cats. If could spread the word, if might help scare up a foster family or three to take some of the pressure off before they start having to kill any kitties.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

Dan, typist for the Lee County Clowder (

PS: FWIW --,


  1. Fostering is fun!! It's a lot of work when it's teeny kittens, but I imagine older cats are fairly easy to foster in comparison.

    Lisa--sometime tomorrow I'll be posting some GREAT pics I got tonight of the Peanuts Gang. You know I collect Snoopy stuff, right? Imagine the possibilities... :)

  2. Oh my. What a beauty Missy is now! She and her sister make a lovely pair. We think it's only a matter of time until Little Bit doesn't have her little bits anymore. Joy and Jim are wonderful people :)

  3. We were thinking about you all when we were writing our post about how hot it is here because we know it's even hotter there! Hope everycat (and humans too!) are staying cool. And we wish Joy and Jim much luck in helping Little Bit in their family - they are so nice to do that!

  4. Good luck to the double J's, we hope they are able to trap Little Bit.

    Not sure if it's my browser (IE) but your comments on each post run up into the bottom of your blog post. We can't read the first comment because it's jumbled up into the "You might also like" part of your blog. Wanted to let you know...

  5. Bless you for what you do to help find homes for these darlings....xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I think it is hot a lot of places...99 here today! Thanks for all the updates.

  7. We too are having a sweltering Wednesday -- forecast was for 92 but I saw signs that said we hit nearly 100 today. Not usual for the Pacific Northwest, where air conditioners are still rare in homes.

    Including ours.

    We hope you're staying cool over there!!! Off to catch up on the rest of the news here ...

  8. Thanks for the updates! It's been yucky hot here, too.

    Try to stay cool...

  9. what a gorgeous girl miss bitty made!



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