Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Contagious!!

Fostering, that is!! And that's a good thing! The first day of July, our friend Webbthistle responded to Bethany's alert that the WHS needed temporary fosterers and, yesterday, I found out about another of our friends responding to a similar need in California!!

Meet the Peanuts!
Long time reader, Meg, went on another "Wild and Absolutely True Adventure" and took the plunge into fostering. Would you please meet (clockwise from bottom right) Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie and Linus!! Aren't they just precious!

Meg's blogging style is breezy and fun, just like I imagine she is (sadly, we've not yet met 'cause she's in CA!). She's already put up several entries and I can't wait for more! If you'd like to join the party, just click on the link above! Scroll back to the "Itty Bitty I-Must-Be-Insane Committee" post (or click on the link in the post title here) to catch the story from the beginning!

Dez and AC
Meanwhile, first time fosterer, Webbthistle, is keeping us up to date with pics and stuff. Since this is a short term foster, we're honored to serve as her blog. First, shots of the ladies:

Lovely AC is enjoying the view! Much better than the cage at the shelter.

And sweet Dez appreciates the room soft bed on which to relax!

Webbthistle reported on Friday (the day after bringing the girls home):

"When I checked in on the girls for the last time last night, they were side by side on the bed, looking at the moon. When I came in this morning they were curled up together, sleeping in the same spot. I am so glad they have each other for company! They are already coming over for headscritches and snorgles, so I will pass yours along!

AC (which I read on her paperwork stands for Aniimal Control, because they found her on the street and brought her in - full name is DC AC, which is a hoot!) is not listed - I will push to get her up on the site too."

If you follow the links on the girl's names, you'll see Webbthistle was successful in getting AC her own profile! OK, folks, let's help Webbthistle find homes for these girls before they have to go back to the shelter!! If you are in the MD, DC, VA area please let your friends know!! Since they get along so well, wouldn't it be absolutely cool if they got adopted together!!! :-)

Fostering Update: 10am 7/5... It really IS contagious!! Caroline and Emmy over at Catonsville Cats just took 2 adorable boys for fostering!! Caroline reports Emmy is over the moon being able to be around kittens 24/7, instead of just visiting on Saturdays when they volunteer at the adoption center.

And From the Casa
Everyone is doing fine!! I've got some pics and short videos for you but I think we've had enough excitement for one day!! LOL! More tomorrow!


  1. Awww, thanks, Lisa! I love my blog and I'm excited to share my fostering adventures with anyone who wants to read about them! The Peanuts gang is already worming their way into my hearts.

    I love this blog, too. You do some wonderful things for cats in need, and I'm excited to join the ranks of foster parents (though after this bunch, it will probably be a long time before I have the time and space to do this again--it's a little crazy having them in the bathroom!).

  2. Those who foster are furry special! We appreciate all the work you do! Thank you for sharing these stories.

  3. :-) Meg, hon, celebrate what you are doing today and forget the rest... you do what you can, when you can. If every family fostered one litter of kittens or puppies every ten years, I'll bet there would be no shortage of foster homes! It's the starfish principle. We can't do it all, but we can make a difference for this one.

  4. Fostering is a wonderful thing to do. We started as fosters, but stole our Mom's heart pretty quickly, so she adopted us. Looks like there are lots of cute kitties needing homes.

  5. Concatulations to two wonderful foster carers! We hope that they have amazing experiences :)

  6. Fostering is awesome. We think foster-carers are wonderful folk. Purrs.

  7. Thanks so much to Meg and Webbthistle for fostering! We are sending them many purrs - and also purrs to the kitties for wonderful forever homes.

  8. Haha, what a coincidence. Go to Catonsville and meet Willie and Jack...

  9. Thank you, Lisa, for profiling AC and Dez and to you, dear fellow readers, for your thoughts and purrs. As they get used to their new surroundings, the girls' personalities are showing through. They are sweet and so very people-oriented, welcoming visitors with
    a meow and a request for scritches. You know, Lisa is right: if I were to come up with a family name for these lovely kitties, it probably would be "Starfish". If you are in a position to foster, pleaase give it serious consideration. You can really make a difference - and get some great kitty loving in the process!

  10. So many good things going on, that is so wonderful, live long and foster!

  11. Hurrah for all the new foster mums and dads! :)

    My mum would like to foster, but she worries that it would be a lot of work. Also, Pandora does not much like having other cats around.

  12. too many beautyful kittehs in this post.

  13. i think its great what you are doing.

    How long do you usually have to keep them before you find a permentant home for them? I've thought about fostering. I just don't know how long you have to keep them. Anyway, what you are doing is great.

    God Bless You

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