Monday, July 12, 2010

Jasper, Murph, Sophie & Tony

Jasper in Repose
Thanks to Doc Phyllis, we have a pic today! The very handsome Jasper captured on the good Doc's new toy... the iPhone4 does take a nice shot, doesn't it? I'm jealous. With the $$ going out to the renovation, I haven't upgraded yet. But I must, right? It's required because I have to take pics of the kittehs for the blog and the camera isn't always around. Right??? (I can justify anything!)

Murph Update
Thank you to everyone who wrote, both during the adoption and after hearing about Murph's illness, offering to help defray his expenses. We did offer to do a fundraiser for Murph's expenses but Pati politely declined. Pati did, however, send an update today:

Just to let you know that the "healing purrs and headbutts" seem to be helping Murph! He's been on an antibiotic to help with some unknown infection that his blood showed )high white blood count). His nasal/head congestion is almost gone now and we hear his purrs again! He's never been one to scamper around, but he's much more alert and eating a 1/4 can of wet food for meals - he's even back to "chaperoning" my husband and I on the couch by sitting between us.

We know we may be on limited time with him still, but he's sooo much more comfortable right now and happy!
The silly bobblehead!!!

We may not be able to help in a tangible way, but Murph has a whole rooting section! Our healing purrs go out to Murph today!

No pics of Sophie and Tony yet
Please be patient folks. Sophie and Tony have spent their lives running free and not interacting much with people. The change in venue has them quite nervous. It's only been a day and I need to give them a little space. I did try to take a pic of Sophie but the camera was scary for her so I stopped after two tries.

And Tony? Well our boy has hiding down pat! The room isn't all that big and I've "lost" him 3 times already... and had to search slowly and methodically until I found him. He's none too pleased when I find him, even though I only talk quietly and don't attempt to touch him, and he keeps changing hideouts. Poor baby!!

They're both medium-long haired cats. Sophie is about 14 weeks old and a cute little tuxie. She's crated and, when I let her out, she snuggles next to me and curls up on my chest purring. She's interested in the toys but hesitant to play with them. I let her roam free a bit today (kind of hoping she'd relax Tony) and, when I came back into the room she, too, was hiding. The back of the crate is draped so it's cozy - I think the room is too big for her alone. So back in the crate she went. She had diarrhea when she first came last night and was a tad lethargic after the relocation, but heck, it's stressful on a little girl! This afternoon, she was much more energetic and produced two nice little stools. After some initial confusion about the litter, she's cool with the cat pan now. She's eating lightly, but regularly. She liked her tuna treat today. A lot!

Tony is 7 months old and sorta brownish tabby/spotted with a cute white nose and jaw and white feet. Sorry, that's the best I can do. Carol collected him at dusk and he's been in hiding since arrival. Poor guy was terrified when we went to transfer him to the crate (Sophie took it much better). We did have him crated with Sophie, but he broke free when we went to slip in some food. He's eaten, although not much, and he's been at the water bowl. And, he hasn't touched his tuna treat. *sigh* We'll see if it disappears overnight.

I've got an appointment to take him to the vet tomorrow, but I wonder if I'll be able to get him in the carrier. We have a backup appointment for Friday (just in case). Tony has worms and they both have fleas so I'm anxious to get started treating them. If I can't load Tony up without a bunch of drama, I'll ask Doc Andrew if I can start them both on Revolution tomorrow.

And folks, most fostering has much less drama! LOL!


  1. Thanks for the update on Murph!! So glad to hear he is doing as well as can be and is enjoying himself. The thing I've learned from kitties is how they live for the moment - always in the present enjoying the here and now! Big purrs to sweet and lovely Murph and his mum Pati and human family!

    Tony and Sophie sound so adorable - good luck getting Tony in a carrier!! And big purrs to them too!

    Jasper is looking lovely - and of course such pristine pics are required - hence the absolute need for an iphone upgrade! :-)

    take care

  2. Purrs and healing Light to Murph and his human, Pati.

    Good luck with the new arrivals, Tony and Sophie. :-)

    That iPhone4 takes super pics! I don't have any kind of cell phone at all, so I'm always amazed at the quality of images these things can produce.

  3. I'm glad Murph is doing better. Sounds like he's enjoying life a bit more and taking care of his humans. I hope his hair is growing back too!

  4. Poor little Murph. We are sending lots of purrs his way.

    It sounds like Tony has been through quite a lot in his short life. Seeing Sophie interact nicely with you will probably help him see that everything is ok.

  5. We are happy to hear Murph is doing better.....we continue to purray for him.

    We are also purraying for Sophie and Tony.

    Bless you for what you do to help. xxxxxxxxx

  6. wowee, so much news! glad to hear the good things, and hopefully the new hidey-kittehs will come around soon. as you said, new stuffs is scary.

  7. Kayla & Zimmer: "Silly kittehs! Eventually, you will wise up to the fact that humans are wonderful inventions and come out of hiding. They have *opposable thumbs*! I mean, that's HUGE...they can open CANS. Every cat should own one."

  8. Jasper is a cutie!! We're glad to hear that our pal Murph is doing a bit better.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. What a cute picture of Jasper!

    And thanks for letting us know how Murph is doing - we are still sending him lots of purrs - we hope that he has a lot of time left, but we know that whatever time he does have will be in a wonderful, loving, happy home, and that he has tons of love headed his way from out here in the blogosphere!

    And poor Sophie and Tony - they must be so scared! But don't worry, they will learn that they are in a wonderful, loving, safe place and start to come out of their shells eventually - it just will take a lot of time and patience, which we know that you will be able to give them. We are sending them lots of calming purrs!

  10. Awww, all the best to Sophie and Tony! I am learning that this fostering stuff is never, ever dull!

  11. Funny thing, but the response to the treats we've offered our fosters has been hit or miss. Jada adored them -- managed to pilfer a bag and tear it to shreds when we forgot to put it out of sight -- but Sara wasn't really interested. Missy was happy to get a treat but didn't view it as anything special. And Meow Meow? HATES them. She took a sniff then pawed the ground as if to indicate the little nugget was something that needed burying.

    All this is to say that maybe Tony just has a different palate ...



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