Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wake up Sleepyheads & The Casa is Full Up

Lawrie and Trudy love to snuggle and, as you can see, took over my chair so I couldn't blog this weekend. ;-)

Actually, we've been busy. Today we got a brother and sister to foster - one 14 weeks old and one 7 months old. Yep, two different litters from the same mom. Folks our Doc Andrew knows are trying to pick up her up and get her spayed. No go there, but at least we have these two to turn into responsible man and lady cats. More tomorrow on the new arrivals.


  1. How precious those 2 are taking over your chair with cuteness!

  2. Lawrie and Trudie look so adorable!!! What a pair of cuties!!

    And purrs to the two new kitties - we hope mum is seen to asap!

    Take care

  3. So sweet! Good luck in catching mom ~ but so good some of her children won't be adding to the kitty population! :)

    Have a Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  4. Impossible to blog with cuties like that around! :-)

    Good luck with the incoming fosters. And I hope the mom can be caught at some point, and spayed. Fingers crossed for that!

  5. Taking over the pooter chair is in the rule books for kittens. Yoo hafta do it as a sort of right of passage.

  6. They are so purrfectly purrty!

  7. Guess you passed the "test" Lisa- LOL!



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