Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grey has been LOLed!!

Wonderful Wendy has been at it again!! This time she grabbed Grey, at his finest, for a LOL. If you haven't been by Wendy's place, do go! She offers up a regular parade of LOL's based on the kitteh blogs of the intertubes!! Thanks for doing up our big guy, Wendy!!

It's mind over matter in the end -- just ask Grey!

It was a loooong day today, so tomorrow I'll share little Sophie's first vet visit. Tony is still hiding so, except for the end of a tail, I can't offer you any pics of him yet!! Yep, you guessed... if he can't see me, he's hidden!! Good thing, too. If his tail didn't stick out, I'd never find him!


  1. Thanks for the great adFURtising! You are one appreciative audience.

  2. Best poster evah! Great job, Wendy!

    Good luck with keeping tabs on Tony. Looking forward to seeing pictures of little Sophie meeting with uber-cool Dr. Andrew!

  3. We saw this over there - how cool! We love Wendy's LOL's!!

  4. Way to go Grey, you're a celebrity!!!



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