Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Off to The Vet for Sophie

Well, brother Tony was still hiding, but Sophie and I hit the road yesterday for a visit to Doc Andrew's place. Have I mentioned Sophie is a born traveler? She had no issues on the trip to the Casa or on either leg of yesterday's trip. Kinda reminds me of our friend Gus and his laid back approach to traveling!

We arrived and Jenn came in to get vitals and whisk our girl away for the blood tests. Back in the room, Sophie just settled right down, unconcerned about a thing! Doesn't she remind you of Abigail's Angels?

"What's this???" asks Sophie. "My test? Did I pass? Huh, did I pass???"

If you've never seen it before, this is cause to rejoice! A negative FIV/FeLV test! Yay! She'll need to be tested again in two months to be really sure, but this is a very good start.

Pretty soon Doc Andrew came in and examined our little lady stem to stern. She got Revolution for the fleas and worms and her first set of shots. Not a peep!!!

Well, I take that back! Doc complained she was so loud he couldn't hear her innards when he was doing the stethoscope part of the exam. Yeah, you guessed it, she wouldn't stop purring!! He finally had to do the old water on the feet trick to get her to stop long enough to complete the exam...

So our first visit with the doc was a very positive one! I don't think I'm going to have to spell V-E-T around her!! Sophie was rewarded with stinky goodness, real tuna variety, when we returned home and she now has the run of the basement. :-)

Tomorrow we have some exciting news from Webbthistle!! And news about a brand new Spacepaws foster, staying with our co-worker, Amy!


  1. That metal table has got to be cold! Glad she is healthy and obviously happy, even at the vet's office!

  2. Awww, she's so cute! I love that she purred at the vet's office. At Harley's first visit (well, with me, anyway), he bit the vet when getting a shot! The vet just laughed.

  3. Way to go Sophie, you sure are a good girl!

  4. Sweet Sophie, your test results are fabulous! When Lishy went to the vet, she held a swab with metholayted spirits on it under his nose to get him to stop purring- yuck!

  5. Wow, Sophie sure is a GOOD girl! Way to go! And hurrah for negative test results!

  6. Sophie yoo are so good! Dad has just taken Milo to the vet for an annual injection (tee hee) and Milo hissed and snarled as he was pushed into the PTU!!! He was like a wild fing!

    I'm at home wiv my mom awaiting Milo's return after his jab. He's gonna be so cross patch when he gets back! Not like yoo. I'll tell him how good yoo were ~ it might help ...

  7. Aww, she's so floofy! Lookit that tail. Yay for happy test results and smooth vet visit! :-D

  8. YEAH !!!

    Always my fear when I take in a stray kitty ... so, far only one cat had something and that was a long time ago.

    Both Ashton & my Lilly Ann were from the local hay store where people just drop off cats.

  9. What a good girl! I'll bet that tuna tasted especially good. We haven't tried that out yet with any of our fosters, but some of them have smelled it when I use it for my own lunch -- and boy, do they beg to share!

  10. Wow that is so great that Sophie did so well at the vet! Floyd had that purring thing too - always had to do something to try and get it to stop (and it only worked half the time). And we are glad that her test was negative - such great news! Now if you can just catch Tony things will be great!

  11. Well done Sophie!!! And great that she was very calm around the vets!!

    She's a cutie!
    take care

  12. That first photo shows exactly what my Fuzz does at the vet -- making himself as small and tucked in as possible and waiting for it all to be over.



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