Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

First - Good News on Murph!
Whew, Pati sent some great news for us...

Just a quick update on Murph! The antibiotics are definitely working. He was playing with my yarn. Playing!!!! He hasn't shown any interest in doing anything like that until last night...

Oh, Pati, we are so happy for your little guy!! Those must be some good drugs!! Heehee!

Next - Excellent News for AC & Dez!
Webbthistle is just bursting with happiness! She reports on her girls-

Dez and AC are going together to their forever home on Saturday - and what a home! They are being adopted by a woman who is as sweet as they are. She has been too many years without a kitty because of landlord restrictions, but now she owns her own home and wants to share it with AC and Dez. The house has two stories and two screened-in porches - how perfect to laze away the summer! She's a photographer, so I am hoping for picture updates! The three of them are going to be a wonderful family - I am so happy for them, and have to admit I've shed a few happy tears already.

Fostering? Yes, it can take time and energy and be inconvenient. But as you know, Lisa, there are major emotional rewards, too. I would urge anyone who is thinking about fostering to call their local animal shelter and see if they can help.

And we'll sign off with a Sophie & Tony Update
Tony ate a full meal yesterday!! And today!! Now, if we can just get him to come out when I'm downstairs (he clearly comes out when I'm gone... the poop in the pan is a dead giveaway). Doc says not to push it. He'll come out when he's ready. Me, I want to get him to the Doc and get started on shots and moving him toward responsible mancathood! *sigh* Patience, grasshopper1

Sophie is fully acclimated now. She comes trotting over when I come down, or gives me a chirp from the bed and rolls over on her back for pets. She's eating like a horse and her little belly is sooooo cute when she's stuffed. I try to play with her at the door of the closet under the stairs (Tony's hiding place) so he gets a hint of what he's missing!

(This weekend we're looking forward to some absolutely adorable Rancho J2 pics!!)


  1. Such great updates! We're happy for everyone.

  2. Great news about Murph!! Yay for Murph!

    And thanks for the updates on all the other kitties. Great news about Dez and AC - what a lovely furrever home to go to and yay for Sophie and Tony!

    Take care

  3. A big hooray for Murph!!! I am so very happy for Dez and AC, how wonderful for them and Sophie is doing so good...and Tony will get there. Thanks for such a good news Friday!

  4. YAY for all the good news....thanks for the updates. xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Murph! That is wonderful! We thinks that your photos are puurrttie!

  6. Thank you for the great updates! So happy to hear about everyone. Woot!

  7. Webbthistle, thank you! You have no idea how happy this made me. Spacepaws--thank you for posting this and reposting the earlier announcement. You help so many cats.

  8. That is great news about everyone! We are glad that things are going well for all!



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