Friday, June 4, 2010

There is too much bad in the world, so the good should be recognized and enjoyed.

That was a favorite saying of E. W. Tiemann Jr., Sal's dad. Sal is one of the kind folks who offered to adopt Murph. A wonderfully wise man was Mr. Tiemann... I think we all recognize how special the outpouring of love for Murph was... the affirmation that there are, indeed, a lot of good people in this world. Everyone who came together to make this happen... every person who purrayed, posted, tweeted, offered to take Murph for foster or keeps, or offered to facilitate the adoption should really enjoy the warm feeling of a job well done!

Murph will join his new furever family tomorrow, and Pati has promised to send pics and updates. Murph is going to have several furblings in his new home, including three oldsters like himself. And three bean sibs, too (10, 12 and 13)!! Pati and her hubby, Will, live in NJ and have family here in MD. Pati saw Murph's story on Ravelry's message board and immediately called Will at work to suggest that they offer for Murph. Having had a circumstance in their own family that came way too close for comfort to Murph's story, Will replied, "Yes, let's do this!" and said he could drive down the next day to pick Murph up, if need be. So Pati wrote to us, even offering her vet as a reference!

As it turned out, the nurse, who had to be hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction to Murph, was willing to come back to work (and take the risk of another reaction) in order to give Murph and his mom some more time together to say goodbye... yep, another example of the good folks in this world! Pati articulated the feelings many of us have had in her closing to our last email: "I wish there was some way that Murph could stay with his mom until she gets to the Bridge, but we have a few warm beds he can sleep on, if he wants to." Amen, Pati! And warm hugs to your family for opening your hearts and your home to this sweet old man!

And on the Space Paws Front

The post last night was short... in part because, here at Space Paws, we had an unexpected turn of events...

Peggy Sue is back!! "What???" you say! Yes, and it's a good thing. Elizabeth let me know yesterday that, while Peggy Sue had acclimated to her new abode, and hissin'n'growlin' quickly ceased between her and her new brother, something was very wrong. She said Peggy Sue was just bereft the entire week. Please understand that Elizabeth is an AWESOME cat mama - I know her, personally. And she has incredible patience - it took 3 years before her YumYum and Gato got to be pals - but she said this was clearly different.

Peggy Sue was past sad, she was pining. And cats don't usually do that. So Elizabeth and I put our heads together and decided Peggy Sue should come back. I won't be putting her up for adoption again, she'll be mine. When I started to tell my sis the story, she didn't let me get past "Peggy Sue is coming back." She immediately interjected, "Well good. She's back where she belongs!" (Ummmmm... how did I not see this???) But I'll take something else my sis said to heart, "It just took a visit with Elizabeth for you two to realize you were meant to be together." Yes, I'd cried buckets when she left, but I thought that was just - well, you know - me being me ... but I had no idea Peggy Sue had grown that attached to me, too.

At first Elizabeth was sad... that Peggy Sue was so sad. And that her darlin' Gato still doesn't have a new friend. But when Peggy Sue emerged from the carrier, headbutted my hand and arched into a rub, there were smiles all around. We both knew we'd made the right decision. And we know that Elizabeth will find a wonderful furbling for dear Gato, too.

So "Happy Gottacha Day" my sweetie. This one is for keeps!


  1. We're happy for Murph and his new family, who obviously really want him. It's nice of the nurse to hang in with Murph till tomorrow despite his allergy.

    And we're happy for you and Peggy Sue.

    So why are we crying?

  2. Peggy Sue sure looks super content! We are happy for her and Murph too!

  3. Wonderful news, both for Mr. Murph and sweet Peggy Sue! (And you, too, of course!)

    Best wishes for Elizabeth and Gato in finding a new addition to their family ... I know there's somebody out there just waiting to step into their lives!

  4. Fantastic news! both for Murph, who has his new home, and for Peggy Sue! We were very sad when she left, though we knew she was going to a good home. But it is good that she is so happy right here with you. :)

  5. I heard an expression once that "if you want to make God laugh, show Him your plans".

    Glad that Murph has a new home and Peggy Sue has a (new) permanent home! She has to be thrilled to be back.

  6. Happy Gotcha Day for 2 wonderful cats. It's sad that Murph has to leave the home and person he's known, but he has found the right place. And we're thrilled that Sweet Pea is back where she belongs.

  7. Dagnabbit made me cry again !

    I KNEW you two belonged together...

    I am sooo happy for you both that I will refrain from recipe torture for 1 week.

    You have it in public writing.

    OXOXOXOXOXOXOXO to infinity and beyond.


  8. I can't begin to say how happy I am to hear about Murph. I'm not ashamed to say that there are tears! Have a beautiful life in your new home, handsome.

    Welcome back Miss Peggy Sue! Concatulations!!

  9. Aww, Peggy Sue! I'm happy for you both. I know Elizabeth will find a wonderful furbaby to come to her home. She made a good decision in allowing Peggy Sue to be where she is happiest.

    And again, I'm so very happy for Murphy! It's sad that he can't stay with his bean until she goes, but he will have everything he needs in his new home. Sounds like there will be no shortage of affection.

  10. Gees, I'm crying again, and over Peggy Sue--again! I'm glad things have worked out as they were meant to, for everyone's Highest Good. :-)

    And I'm so happy for Murph, will look forward to updates!

  11. We beans are often slow on the uptick failing to recognize when a cat chooses us. Peggy Sue made her choice and now is back home where she belongs.

    I join a host of other teary eyed followers of Murph's saga. May he find peace and contentment in his new home and just as important, his bean can be comforted knowing a much loved kitty will be loved and cared for until Murph heads to the bridge himself.

  12. Two moments of mingled joy and sorrow... I find these acts of selflessness deeply touching. All the best to Murph and Peggy Sue in their "new" homes!

  13. I am so happy for that sweet Murph, but even happier for your Peggy Sue...she looks so very happy now...because she is home where she belongs. Purrs to Murph for an easy transition to his retirement home.

  14. I think the fact that Peggy Sue can hardly stay awake while you are talking to her is testament to how comfortable she is with you.

    Murph and his bean touched a chord in all of us, and I know we all wish both peace.

  15. Aww. Major cheers to Elizabeth for recognizing what was going on and being willing to give her back. What a sweet kitty. Send Elizabeth over to the Catonsville PetSmart, we always have several very lovable adult cats.

  16. I can identify with what happened to Peggy Sue. When I tried fostering a kitten she decided to stay with me from the get-go. It took me 6 months of trying to adopt her out for me to get the message and keep her. Everyone who saw her said she has bonded to me and that she should stay.

    You made the right choice. It's great to have Peggy Sue home. Elizabeth will find a great cat for Gato. This means another kitty will be adopted and loved!

  17. Oh my - happy tears all around!!!

    Welcome home, Peggy Sue!!

  18. We're purring that Murph will love his new home and adjust to it quickly..although it does sound like he will have a lot to adjust to.

    YAY that Peggy Sue is back and that you are keeping her!!!! We could tell that she was really special and that it had been difficult for you to part with her. xxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Oh, Murph. I too hope you adjust quickly and are comfortable and content in your new home. You SO deserve it. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your sick bean.

    Peggy Sue, you are one smart lady. You knew that woman took such good care of you and your babies. It's a no wonder you love her so! Happy Gotcha Day, sweet girl.

  20. We are so happy for Murph we cud burst!

    And some things are meant to be and Peggy Sue was meant to be wiv yoo. We are so happy for her.

  21. We don't pick cats - they pick us and then they steal our hearts. Welcome home Peggy Sue! Your Momma missed you so!

    Bittersweet moment for Murph and his Bean. A big thank you to the nurse for hanging in there. I'm so very glad Murph has a forever home and that his Bean can find comfort in that. How wonderful to see all these loving hearts working together to bring them both peace.

  22. Bittersweet moments in life make it interesting, yes? Welcome back, little Peggy Sue and congrats to Murphy.

    Good on Elizabeth for recognizing Peggy Sue's needs. Fingers crossed that she will find a furbling for Gato soon!

  23. So happy that Peggy Sue made her choice clear. Congratulations.Very happy for Murph as well.

  24. Wow! And WOW!! Add my happy tears to the mix. Sweet happy stories.

  25. Welcome home, Peggy Sue! We're so glad that everyone figured out where you wanted and needed to be and that it happened.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  26. I am SO late to the party here (I was out of town over the weekend...) but I had to stop and say YAY!!! for both Murph and Peggy Sue! As with many others here, poor Murph's story just broke my heart, and I wish many blessings on his new forever family--you really are angels. (And I do hope some contact via photos and so forth with his first person can be maintained for as long as possible--giving up her fur-baby has to be painful in the extreme, and my heart goes out to everyone concerned.)

    I really am delighted to hear that Peggy Sue is home for good now, though--and not just because I myself adore her and have gotten used to frequent pics, etc! LOL I have to admit, when I first heard she'd been adopted, I knew I should be happy, but some other feeling just kept nagging at me, like "Are you SURE this is the right way to go?" But now me and my inutition are both happy, with no reservations at all--this is, indeed, the way things were meant to be. :-)

  27. i'm about to cry at work!!! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY INDEED!! i'm not happy that she was sad at elizabeth's, but i'm happy that you all realized it and could fix it!!! how awesome!

    i sort of had a similar experience. my first cat on my own was phoebe, who is now 12. she was with me for a while, then spent time at gramma's off and on for "healing" - she kept getting into fights and tearing open her nose - it's now permanently scarred.

    then she came back for a while until my roommate got a wild beagle puppy who thought she was a living toy. so back to gramma's she went, and she ended up staying there for a few years.

    then! yes, it continues... then phoebe got into a fight with another cat my mom had taken in, so they put that cat back outside, but both started spraying! the other cat all around the outside of the house, and phoebe on the inside of the house. so i had to give her up.

    thankfully a great cat-loving friend of mine had recently lost his (not so thankful for that) and was available. she he took phoebe "until i could get her back" for two years. when i moved into my townhouse last december, i could finally take her. i had missed her so much all those years. she is the cuddliest cat i've ever known - she'll let you do absolutely anything to her.

    but she and my newer cat didn't get along at all. phoebe wanted to fight constantly. so finally, i realized that she needed to be an only-cat and my friend was happy to accept her back. i think he secretly loves her. and i know she loves him!

    it's hard to let go, but when you know it's where they belong, it helps. :)

    i'm not proofing this, so i hope there are no gross typos!!



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